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Adeboye on 2024: What God says is not what we love to hear

by Church Times
The General Overseer of the Redeemed Christian Church of God, Pastor Enoch Adeboye has revealed that the year 2024 is pregnant with some events that many would not love to hear.
He disclosed this while giving his first message for 2024.
While noting that many prophets have given prophecies for the year 2024. He said it is sometimes better to leave prophecy to the prophets while submitting that he is just a pastor and teacher of the word.
He however gave a hint of what God told him about the year 2024 while still insisting that, “What God says is not what you want to hear”
According to Adeboye, it was important to give the prophecy so people could prepare saying, “When a person jumps from a storey building the injury will not be as much as somebody who is pushed because the person who jumps will prepare for it.
Concerning 2024, he said, “Everything God is saying rally around one little sentence which I heard from those who were dramatising earlier though don’t know what they were saying. You can write this in capital letters: The wind is blowing. “
Adeboye who tried to summarised the message he got from the Lord said, “The wind is blowing. Include in your prayer that it will blow you good. As far as Nigeria is concerned things will get worse before it gets better. Mark my words.
“That is what daddy says. We are already complaining that things are worse. The good news is that the wind is already blowing.  It’s going to get hotter before it cools down. That is what daddy told me. That is not what I would love to tell you.”
The RCCG Overseer said further that because the wind is blowing some serious secrets will come to the open. “You know the elders have a proverb, if the wind blows you will see the anus of the chicken.” he said adding, “I think I better run away from prophecies concerning Nigeria.”

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Don’t lose hope

He said, “Don’t lose hope. Sooner or later things will get better. Whether we like it or not, we will survive.  Some people will start this year with nothing but before the end of the year, they become significant.
For the individuals, he said, “There will be many opportunities this year. Get ready for them. This is what they call insider information.  You are hearing about it now before the opportunity begins to come.”
Referring to the drama that was enacted during the programme, he said, “The wife in the play says when the wind is blowing some will build a wall, some will build a windmill. Opportunities will come your way, get ready to grab them.”
On the international scene, he said, “Because the wind is blowing, there will be divine intervention in those places where things are hot. On the international scene, the almighty God assures me there will be quite a few medical breakthroughs in the area of incurable diseases like cancer, asthma, hypertension, and diabetes. There will be quite a few mighty breakthroughs, particularly in the area of medicine

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