“To excel, Tinubu should stop using govt offices to compensate people”

by Church Times

Dr Femi Lanre Oke is the Overseer of Jesus Praise Evangelical Ministry International. He is a teacher of God’s words, an industrialist, and a philanthropist. He has been in ministry for over 24 years and still firing.

In this interview with Isaac Ngumah, he talks about the state of the nation’s economy and his ministry.

Many people attribute the present economic crisis to the removal of fuel subsidies. Do you agree with this position? What is your assessment of government one year in office?

The removal of fuel subsidies is a good idea but it was not planned. But I think the removal is actually to the advantage of the masses. The government should have made provisions before the removal to reduce the effect of the consequences. What we are bothered about now is the extent of the pain caused by the removal which is not being cushioned. Government policy may mean well but I think there is a need for more communication, and education of the masses on why those policies are being implemented.

So far I think President Tinubu has taken a good step on his own. But to show that he cares for the masses he should look for men who are competent and put them in government rather than looking for people to compensate. There are different ways to compensate people. But when it comes to governance he should look for competent people and think less of using the office for political compensation. That will help him to achieve more.

But do you still have hope of a better Nigeria?

Leadership and management of resources are the major setbacks in Nigeria. The country is blessed with enough natural resources. We have good human and natural resources but have very poor leadership and management. As long as we are plagued with this problem, the economy will continue to slide.

Talking about leadership and management, would you subscribe to a single 6-year tenure for Nigeria’s president and a regional government?

That may be effective in a way so they can put their minds together and do whatever they need to do; instead of just coming in the first term and using that term to prepare to win another tenure, and end up doing whatever they like since they know they are not coming back. The regional government may not bring us together as one, our unity is our strength and it will go a long way to help.

What do you have to say about the 2014 National Confab?

The national confab should not be abandoned. It should be revisited and implemented. I mean the recommendations of the confab should be implemented.

Talking about security, would you say we are safer now than before?

Well, compared to what it used to be there is improvement but that does not mean that the security state is still at its best. We need to keep getting better. I give kudos to the security officials for this period. I think we have an efficient security apparatus. We just need to utilize it, be committed to it, and restructure it. We will get a very good result. By the way, State police is not something I will encourage I can assure you it will be abused.

Let’s talk about your ministry. How did you start working for God?

My journey in the ministry dates back to my adolescent years. The hand of God has been on my life right from that time. I started preaching, going to crusades, and ministering as an evangelist at the age of 12 years. I got baptized in the Holy Ghost years after. I was later ordained into the ministry by Bishop Wale Oke. God called me to raise to raise end-time leaders

Has the ministry journey been smooth?

It has not been smooth. We have had betrayers. We have also had the challenge of getting people to understand what God has called us to do. But God has been faithful. Practically 24 years now. God has been faithful he has showered healings, deliverances, and breakthroughs in the lives of people and has confirmed his word prophetically and people are responding to the teachings of God’s word God.

Will you subscribe to the idea of church leaders going into politics?

The reason we have this nonsense in our nation is that we have demonic people who care less about the principle of God in government. The question I ask is: How can someone come into government without the spirit of God?

The Bible says God is love. You can’t effectively rule well if God does not live in you. The reason government officials and politicians steal billions is that they don’t love their neighbour. Somebody with the love of God will know that he has to live one day at a time.

The Bible encourages us to pray for our daily bread. If you now take all the bread how will others see their daily bread? Somebody who has the love of God will consider his neighbour. When somebody who does not have the heart and fear of God is in government the person will pack all the money for his unborn generation. That is the lifestyle of somebody who does not have the life of God in him. So men of God should go into politics, particularly those who are into governance and leadership.

Finally, sir, what is your take on this position that prosperity messages lead people into ritual killings so they can get rich and validate the words of their pastors?

That’s not true. It’s a lie of the devil. Ritual killing is a product of greed. It has nothing to do with prosperity teachings. Prosperity teaching is part of the principles and teachings of Christ. Abraham was a wealthy person and a father of faith. David was a billionaire and a man after God’s heart. Poverty and Christianity are not the same. Believers should know how to master money, believers should know about finances.

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