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The millionaire who runs free school in Kenya

by Church Times

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Eric Strode August 12, 2023 - 8:57 am

My girl Rita that lives in Nigeria working on getting her to come to the United States is at one of the revivals and chatted with her since she’s been there a few times. I admire the people in Nigeria well before meeting Rita the reason that I admired the Nigerians people and citizens and constituents and then there’s the political people in the people in the monetary fund and the screw job that they keep giving these great people. I have a plan I think that might be something that might be valuable to hear at the UN and what not only in Nigeria and other countries but we could do to allow the infrastructure to be built properly. We need to give a hand up not a hand out anybody would like to hear what my thought process is to this and help me with it I think I might have a solution what might be something to allow these countries to become stronger less corrupt and give them what they deserve as the great nation and the great people that they are. I wish not to say anything at this moment but I am going to put it in writing and put it out there to my congressman here and bring it right up the chain command from the United States up I love it love you Nigeria


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