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Doris Wilson

49-year-old deaconess gives birth to eight children after 21 years of waiting

by Church Times

A deaconess, Doris Wilson who married in 1994 has recounted how she gave birth to twins and then sextuplets making the total number of her children eight after 21 years of waiting for the fruit of the womb

Wilson who shared her experience in a video posted by BBC News Pidgin on February 22 said she first had a set of twins in 2015.

She disclosed that she went to many places in Nigeria taking all forms of treatment to cure her infertility adding however that she could not determine the number of children in her womb in her latest delivery until when she put to bed.

Amazingly she gave birth to all her children through natural means.

She said the first twins came after taking local treatment like massaging and local herbs.

She was not satisfied with the first set of twins and wanted more; only to give birth to six more children at once.

Her husband who also spoke in the video said she was always willing to take treatment along with his wife while they were trusting God for children. He advised men to always be ready to go for fertility treatment too.

Ironically Doris Wilson says she was ready for more children as God is willing to give her noting that she had waited for too long to get to this point. “Now I am clocking 50 the children are coming. If God still wants me to have more children, I am ready for them,” she said in pidgin English

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