“The doctrine of Jesus supersedes Church dogmas and traditions”

by Church Times

The Coordinator of the Youth Wing of the Kogi State Chapter of the Christian Association of Nigeria, Special Apostle Owoyemi Alfred Olusola has observed that what binds all churches together is stronger than their different traditions and practices.

Owoyemi who is of the Cherubim and Seraphim Movement, Ayo Ni O; told Church Times in a recent phone interview that when it comes to the doctrine of Jesus, every dogma and tradition in our churches has to bow.

He noted that church tradition has nothing to do with the life of the believer in Christ.

“I am of the C&S but there is no church within the purview of CAN I have never been to. I worship in those churches and I flow with their worship because they all believe the same thing I believe. The doctrine of Jesus is the same whether in Deeper Life or C&S. The differences are dogmas which were instituted by man,” Owoyemi said.

According to him, where the doctrine of Christ and the Dogmas in churches collide, the doctrine of Christ must be given priority.

He said in C&S, “There are model branches where people are allowed to wear their shoes to worship because we realise that not wearing shoes were things that were instituted by man and has nothing to do with the doctrine of Christ.”

Every church within CAN according to him, “believes in the death and resurrection of Jesus, they believe in hell and heaven, they believe in the forgiveness of sin and baptism. They believe Jesus is the way to the Father and it is the only name given to man through which we can be saved. But then, over time, church leaders introduce practices that have nothing to do with the doctrine of Jesus.”

Giving more insight into the doctrine of Christ, he said, “The doctrine of Christ is more about living the life of Christ and serving him in truth and spirit. It is different from the culture of a particular church and the way a church is being run.”

He said for instance that “part of the C&S church culture is the way we dress. The good thing now is that there are some of our members in the C&S movement who don’t wear white garments. That does not make them sinners.”

Pneuma World Outreach

Talking about the unity of the church, he said, “I am glad to inform you that Pastor Olamide Adekunle of Pnuema Ministries has been collaborating with us for some time now in Kogi. He is Pentecostal. But he has volunteered to come and teach our people here in Kogi and train leaders so that they can in turn be a blessing to others. He came using his resources and even sponsored his trips.

“Rather than being given honorarium, he is the one who has been spending money for us. He has been a huge blessing to us. His ministry is down to earth and he has this practical approach to God’s grace and power. He has this simple way of bringing the Bible home to our people.

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“We are indeed glad that he came. He teaches for long hours and yet people are not tired of listening to him.” Owoyemi said.

The CAN leader explained that such collaboration is needed to strengthen the Body of Christ. “In Kogi, we are open to the gospel and ready to learn. Kogi is a mission field and I can tell you that the young people here are willing and eager to serve the Lord.”


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