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Adeboye: 27 of the 28 prophecies Wale Oke gave me have come to past

by Church Times

General Overseer of the Redeemed Christian Church of God, Pastor Enoch Adeboye has recounted how Bishop Wale Oke gave him a handwritten prophetic statement of about 28 items in 1979 and how 27 of them have come to pass.

Bishop Oke is the National President of the Pentecostal Fellowship of Nigeria. He is also the founder of Sword of Spirit Ministries based in Ibadan where Adeboye recently gave the account of the 1979 prophecies of Bishop Oke

While giving the account, the RCCG Overseer also talked about how God reminded him of his spiritual lapses and how he made amends.

Adeboye said, “If there is any prophet I know, that person is your Bishop (Wale Oke). He was that little boy who came to me at about 2 pm at Abusi Edumare Grammar School in Ijebu Igbo as far as 1979. He came to me trembling with a sheet of paper. He wrote incredible things about the future of my ministry. 27 of those prophecies have come to pass. I am waiting for the 28th item to be fulfilled.”

Earlier in the course of the message Adeboye recalled how God spoke to him during one of his journeys from Lagos to Ibadan.

He said,  “I am not a prophet but God speaks to me occasionally. I remember one day I was driving from Lagos to Ibadan, God spoke to me and reminded me of a woman who was at a convention where I was ministering and she ran out and said she wanted to go home because she saw fire in the auditorium. She could not return to the hall of meeting again.”

Adeboye said the woman had to request that another person would help her carry her bag from the church. Another case was a woman who was demon-possessed. She came to where Adeboye was ministering at Ilorin and his dress according to the account of the woman caught fire. The fire was spiritual, not physical.

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God during the trip then asked Adeboye “When was the last time you saw the raw manifestation of the power of God? I said Daddy I am sorry, it’s been quite a while. He said do you want your fire back, I said I would pay any price to have it back. He told me what to do and I did. Not long after that, I was ministering at the camp and suddenly there was a fire at the top of my head on the roof.

“But I did not move out of the place. I continued the ministration and people gave their lives to Christ. When we were done, the firefighters got a ladder, climbed up, and wanted to extinguish the fire. When they got there, there was no fire”

It turned out that the fire was not a physical fire.

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