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Why people have sex and also eat in the dream-Abel Damina

by Church Times

Founder of Akwa-Ibom-based Power City International, Abel Damina has said having sex in the dream has nothing to do with demonic influence or manipulation.

Rather, he said, it is a consequence of what has been programmed in the mind of those who have such experience.

Damina made this known while analysing what he called doctrines of men in a recent message.

While explaining that the Bible is given as instructional material for the purpose of doctrine, he said some of the practices in the church today are winds of doctrines and doctrines of men.

“There are doctrines of men which are preached as gospels. What are the doctrines of men? When you hear Ogbanje spirit, mammy water spirit. Those are doctrines of men because there are no such things in the Bible. There is nothing like ogbanje even in the native Bible. It is a doctrine of men that was manufactured by people to keep you in fear.”

He kicked against suggestions that people are being influenced by demonic forces if they eat in the dream insisting also that sex in the dream has nothing to do with demonic influence.

Damina says further, “A doctrine of men will tell you if you eat in the dream, you need deliverance. Who tells you? the same way they say if you have sex in the dream, you need deliverance. Who says? If you have sex in the dream, it is because your mind has been polluted.

“You have introduced programmes of sexual pollution into your mind by watching videos of pornography and reading magazines of naked people. It has filled your mind. It means you brain has been defiled by things you watch. You need to renew your mind”

He said the thing to do “is to begin to wash your brain with the word of God and not allow people to put you in prison when you are not in prison. If you are struggling with a dream you don’t like, take the word of God and change your thinking. It is in your mind. That is why the Bible tells us not to be conformed to this world but to be transformed by renewing our minds by the word of God.”

Damina insists that mind renewal is what the believer needs. “You can’t be talking and thinking at the same time. You stop thoughts by talking. You confess what you are and insist on what God says you are,” he counselled.

Shouting the blood of Jesus five times before praying according to him is also another doctrine of men which should be discouraged in the church.

He said, “stick to the word of God. You are not a guinea pig. You are the son of God.”


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