Restoration wind blows @Moshalasi, Lagos for Christ Crusade

by Church Times

Restoration wind blows @Moshalasi for Christ Crusade

-By Wilson Adekumola

It was a season of restoration as The Zonal Pastor, Redeem Christian Church of God, RCCG, Peculiar People’s Chapel, Pastor Funsho Popoola addressed a massive crowd recently sharing how God turned his own story around.

Popoola who spoke at the Moshalasi for Christ Crusade which held on the 11th  and 12th  of October talked about his challenging upbringing  noting that the intervention of God in his life brought an end to his miseries.


Pastor Popoola

The crusade which held around Moshalashi Bus Stop, Alimosho , Lagos was attended by a large number of people who were desirous of God’s touch in their lives. It was organized by the Great Commission.

Popoola who talked on the theme, “Wind of Restoration”, said God specializes in turning the story of people around while leaving no trace.

He cited the example of Naaman narrating how he fought and won many battles until he suddenly became leprous and how he was healed when he experienced the wind of restoration”. “By the time Naaman was healed, he became a new person. His skin was like that of a child. That is what God does.”

He told participants at the crusade ground to hold on to their faith with fervent prayer in order to partake in the wind of restoration, he said, “The wind of restoration will blow when God remembers a man, family, nation or people. It will take the prayer of faith to God in order to experience the wind of restoration”.

The Great Commission is an interdenominational Ministry that was established about five years ago for the purpose of winning souls for Christ with its International Headquarters called Praise Garden in Gowon Estate, Egbeda, Lagos.

The president, Evangelist Andy Ikekhide said, “The vision is to win souls for Christ and handover such souls to Bible believing churches for spiritual nurturing”.

The Great Commission Christian Network


Evang. Andy Ikekide, President, Great Commission.

Speaking with Church Times at the crusade, The Pastor-In-Charge, Redeem Christian Church of God, Power of His Might Parish, Ayobo, Lagos, Pastor Chris Chyere Nwoby revealed that The Great Commission Christian Network is non-denominational evangelistic ministry.

“Our vision is to take the gospel to the people irrespective of where they are. We go to villages; towns and cities to preach the gospel.  We go to people far and near. We spread the gospel to every nook and cranny of Nigeria and outside the country. The vision came to our president, Evangelist Andy Ikekhide and his wife Pastor (Mrs.) Faith Ikekhide about five years ago and they have been running with it”.

“Souls are won and handed over to churches for follow up, nurturing and spiritual growth. It is not church; it is a ministry that takes the responsibility of soul winning. We have church leaders and members from different churches who are actively involved in this great commission. The vision is to win souls for Christ and the mission is to handover the souls to Christ believing churches to nurture. By God’s grace, with what God has provided for the convener, we also engage in philanthropy which has really changed many lives.

“We help people not only spiritually but also in all facets of human endeavour. We have raised a lot of leaders who are doing quite well in evangelism. We have branches in Lagos, Abuja, Bayelsa, United State, and United Kingdom among others. In Lagos we have a new chapter named ‘Restoration Garden’ and it will be inaugurated next month. God is doing wonderful work there quickly. We have just finished our “Fire Conference” in Dallas, US, last month”. He informed.

On the achievement of the ministry since its inception, Chris disclosed, “the soul winning has been tremendous. And when I say tremendous I mean like this crusade we are doing, by the time we are through I am sure the souls that will be won for Christ will be in great numbers. This year alone we have target of hundred thousand souls by His grace. God help us we should be able to surpass that.


Pastor Chris Chiyere Nwoby

“Nothing is impossible for God to do. So, the mandate is soul winning. Secondly, we ensure that the souls won remain with the Lord. Apart from the spiritual aspect we make sure we help them in their social and corporate lives. God has been helping the ministry through his son the president of the ministry, Evangelist Andy Ikekhide to establish people. It is not like church where everyone donates. The burden has been on one man. God has been helping him beyond the confines of the ministry”.

While disclosing that the programme is monthly, he said the next one will be held beside the ‘Restoration Garden’ in preparation for the inauguration of the body.

He said further, “Normally we have crusade that encompasses free medical care for eyes and other ailments. We have big crusade at least once in every two months. As a ministry, we have 2-hour program, Hour of Refreshing (HOR) every Wednesday in the morning, then in the evening we have rural mission evangelism. We called it Rural Rescue Mission (RRM). We go to villages where you will drive to a point you will not be able to access the road again. You have to trek some kilometers into the village in order to take the gospel to them. Thursday and Saturday we go out for evangelism. :

He expressed optimism that street urchins would come to know the Lord. “We call Area Boys ‘Jesus Boys’. We are in the midst of Jesus Boys because this area seems to be their headquarters and we believe that those Jesus Boys will surely become real Jesus Boys. We are looking at thousands of them because Alimosho looks like the headquarters of these boys.

“By God’s grace we have a good rapport with them. We have been showing them love. Some of them have even joined us to work and they are willing to be part of us. In fact, they have promised to be the security. Imagine the people you want to invite security for have now voluntarily decided to secure the crusade just because they have bought into our vision. We want to believe that when the time comes; by the move of the Holy Spirit they will give their lives to Christ”.



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