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Morning Cry: Why I can’t do without it- Emerurai Anna

by Church Times

Morning Cry: Why I can’t do without it- Emerurai Anna

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Evang.  Anna


Emerurai Anna is a mother and also an evangelist. She engages in morning cry a term used to describe people who preach the gospel early in the morning sometimes ringing the bell. She does her early morning preaching at least three times in the week. She shares her experience with Church Times’ Joy Esibeluo


When did you become a Christian?

I encountered Christ in a very unique way. The Lord called my name in the dream. He then instructed me to go and preach repentance.  After hearing that name in my dream, when I woke up I went to my Pastor and told him what I heard in my dream. He then advised me to go and buy a bell, I bought the bell and started doing morning cry.

Have you faced any challenge since your encounter and since you began the morning cry?

Yes, for a while I stopped doing the morning cry. But as soon as I stopped that voice called out to me again and called my name three times in the dream. When I had that experience I resumed again. At another point I stopped. But then the voice came to me and said to me that my first and last child may go for it if I continue to disobey. By that I guess the Lord meant I may lose my children. So I had to resume doing it. I have also had to go to a Bible school to increase my knowledge of the Bible.

Did you have to stop your business to do evangelistic preaching?


I didn’t stop my business buy I faced different challenges in the sense that my business flopped whenever I disobeyed God. It got to a point that I could not feed. But we thank God today that all that is no more


Do you carry your family along in doing evangelism?

Yes. They are with me in the spirit. They pray for me and encourage me. They give me moral support whenever I go out to do morning cry I cope very well with my family.


What will happen if you don’t do the morning cry?


Anything can happen, God is God. When God sends you message and you refuse to obey that is disobedience. I see it more like disobedience to the call of God.


But then what has been the impact of the morning cry. Do you see souls getting saved?


It may be difficult to measure impact. But all I can say is that some people have given their lives to Christ through the message they hear during morning cry. Many have been turned to the Lord and I see them going to Church to build their faith.


What is the meaning of that bell?


When the bell is being rung you are equally silencing the evil powers around and giving audience to people. That is my understanding of the bell.


In specific terms what do you experience when you do morning cry?


I am being filled with the Holy Spirit and the Holy Spirit keeps on ministering to me often and often. That is one of the good thing about doing morning cry. You have this sweet early morning fellowship with the Holy Spirit. And He sets the tune of the day for you.


What was your immediate reaction when you heard a sister was killed in Abuja while doing morning cry?


I was so sorrowful.  It was not a cheering news at all. But then I am encouraged by Esther’s word in the Bible when she got report that her people were going to be annihilated and she decided to see the king on their behalf. She was ready to die for the sake of her people. Glory be to God, come rain come sun God is God. I think we should all have this attitude that anytime we can be called to glory.

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Clement January 7, 2023 - 12:09 pm

Morning preaching is awesome and I love it

Ebunoluwa Akanbi October 4, 2023 - 6:37 am

I tried it for the first time today and i must say God is really glorified 🙏🙏


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