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“Pastor’s claim he drank tea with God makes no Bible sense”

by Church Times

Founder of Akwa Ibom-based Power City International Church, Dr. Damina has said it does not make Bible sense for any pastor to say he drank tea with God or for another to claim he saw those driving Range Rover in heaven

He was apparently referring to Pastor Enoch Adeboye’s claim that God drank tea with him and Archbishop Duncan William’s claim that he saw Range Rover in heaven

Damina tackled these pastors on Television Continental during an interview on Journalists Hangout on March 19  monitored by Church Times

No Bible basis

Known for making several controversial statements, Damina said any statement that could not be grounded in the scripture should be discarded.

He said, “The Bible tells us that God is spirit and those who worship him must worship him in spirit and truth. God drinking tea does not make Bible sense to me. If there is God drinking tea with man, we would have seen examples in the Bible”

Christianity according to him is both historic and apostolic. “What Jesus did not do and what the apostle did not do, no man can claim to do it.

“The other day a preacher claimed he went to heaven and he saw a Range Rover. That is a laugh. That is an abuse of the scripture. That kind of joke can only be taken by people who don’t know the scripture.”Damina said.

Paul’s experience in heaven

Referring to the Biblical Apostle Paul, he said, “Paul was caught into heaven but he said he could not utter what he saw. There is no material word that can summarise the glory of the immaterial world.

“Those who are making claims about drinking tea or driving Range Rover in heaven perhaps had a malaria dream or childhood fantasy that played back in their minds. Anything that is not consistent with the scripture should be discarded”

Paul and Jesus

He also took a swipe at those who say Paul contradicted Jesus in his teachings saying, “They are not being consistent. We see the spirit of Jesus which is the spirit of truth in Paul advancing the teachings of Jesus.

“For somebody to say the teachings of Paul contradicts that of Jesus, that person is not knowledgeable in the Bible. For anybody to laugh at Apostle Paul that person should be laughed at.” He said.

Job and tithe

Damina also took a swipe at Bishop David Oyedepo who said Job suffered because he did not pay tithe saying it was fear that led to Job’s predicament because he said, “What I fear has come upon me.”

Making further introspection on the activities of some preachers, Damina told his interviewers there is nothing like the prosperity gospel.

“There is no preaching called prosperity gospel. We only have the gospel of Christ. All this prosperity noise around is not of God.

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“Nobody who followed Jesus became a millionaire? Paul, Peter, James, and John were not millionaires. Anybody that reduces the gospel to prosperity gospel is in error. The Bible preaches godliness with contentment.

“The mission of Jesus is to save people from their sin. God does not have anything against prosperity because he already blessed the whole world with mineral resources.

“There were wealthy people before Jesus came.  What Jesus came to do is to give us eternal life. The gospel of Christ guarantees eternal life.” Damina said.

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