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Giving will not make you rich, don’t let pastors deceive you-Abel Damina

by Church Times

Senior Pastor of Akwa-Ibom-based Power City International Church,  Dr. Abel Damina has said it is erroneous to preach that giving will make a man rich.

Damina in a message shared on his Facebook timeline said the scriptures on Isaac sowing in the land and reaping a hundred folds have been used to deceive many to think that when they give they become rich.

He explained that the scripture is talking about Isaac’s profession and how he worked hard and was blessed.

“That scripture was talking about the profession of Isaac and the fact that he sowed seeds. He planted seeds and the Lord blessed the seeds that he planted and he was able to harvest hundred-fold. That scripture is about hard work and the fact that Isaac was a farmer” he said.

While stressing that giving does not make any man rich, he said, “What makes people rich is hard work and ability to take advantage of the opportunity that comes your way. You also become rich by inheritance.

“Some people woke up to meet money in their family. What they just need to do is to be able to manage the money. But for some of us that have no such inheritance, we will have to work hard.”

He recalled that while he was in school his father could not pay his school fees because he was a pastor and the church was not paying him.

“Because my father could not pay my school fees, I had to take to farming during holidays. I would farm from 5 am to 6 pm so I could raise some money for myself.

“I farmed throughout my university education. I was going to the farm and paying my school fees till I finished school. I was farming and helping people.

“My house was a cooking place for brethren. Why other students were playing games during holidays I was farming. It gives me joy to know that is how God has helped me.”

Damina said it is foolhardy for a graduate to wait for years without a job and keep waiting. “if you can’t get a job, create one for yourself. Stop fooling around. If the government will not employ you, employ yourself. Push truck if possible, help people carry their load if possible.

“Don’t sit at home and be waiting for some dream jobs that may never come,” he said adding also that many people are hungry and poor because they have allowed pride to dominate their lives.

Talking further on why some become rich, he said “opportunities presented by one’s country could also make the person rich. There are some medical doctors who had to leave Nigeria for foreign countries whenever they have the opportunity and they always come out well and better.”

While pointing out that people that make money are thinkers, not talkers, he said, “Hard work will make you rich, inheritance will make you rich. If you are waiting for a dream job make do with what you have. The gospel of Christ does not promote laziness.”

Citing the example of the owner of Zoom, he said, “Can you imagine how much wealth the owner of Zoom is making because of Covid-19? As the world locks down, people are becoming billionaires. Don’t let any man of God lie to you; giving will not make you rich.”


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Michael Nsale March 11, 2021 - 5:54 pm

Help me with many of your teachings am really blessed papa. How never be lazy again

Ndukuba paul March 11, 2021 - 11:55 pm

Good evening sir/ma
Well, what Dr Abel Damina means is that rich comes from hard work of the day; not believing on what some man of God we say or prophesies. No food for a lazy man or because you have giving in the church; so God we bless you or the person without work. No
We have to work before get blessed by the lord

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