Oyedepo’s son charges church to ask God questions..says He will answer

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Oyedepo’s son charges church to ask God questions…says He will answer


Son of Bishop David Oyedepo also called David has said effectiveness in prayer is not just asking God for things, but what must be done to get what one desires.


He made this known on the second day of the annual prayer and fasting programme  of the Living Faith Church.


Oyedepo (jnr.) 37, is a resident pastor of  the resident pastor of the church in Canaanland, Ogun State.

He said being effective in our questions to God is a vital key to getting God to respond to us.

He noted that David in the Bible asked questions from God when his wives and goods were carted away. He asked God and God gave him direction and asked him to pursue that he would overtake and retrieve what had been taken away.

He said believers need answers to questions that are confronting them.

Citing several scriptures to buttress his message, he said many of the activities of the children of Israel were prompted by the answers they got from God on specific occasions.

He insisted that “we must recognize the necessity of being specific in our prayers. We need to ask him what to do and not just be asking for things.

“God’s vital interest is in showing us what we don’t know. When God shows us what we don’t know we are in command. Paul prayed for understanding. God is interested in showing to us things. The moment we present God with questions, the answers are made available to us.

It is the questions that we ask that will determine what we get from God.

“We must understand that God does not waste time in responding. It is man that wastes time in asking. We must present to God what we want to know in faith and watch him respond to us.”

He said further that children of God have access to the voice of God. “The holy spirit is there to guide us to give answers to us. There is nothing difficult if you can get direction. In the place of difficulty there are solutions if we can get answers from God. Going to God with questions brings answers our way. What is hard to man is simple to God because God is a God of knowledge. The answer to our question is what makes the difference between tears and laughter.”

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