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If you’re smarter than tithing, your financial struggle is for life-Oyedepo

by Church Times

Tithing: If you’re smarter than tithing, your financial struggle is for life-Oyedepo

says: No Christian can live an empowered life without prayer and fasting

Founder of Living Faith Church a.k.a Winners Chapel, Bishop David Oyedepo has again reiterated the need for believers to pay tithe even as he noted that prayer and fasting can’t be divorced from the Christian life.


He told his congregation on Sunday January 4 that every truth of scripture endures for all time.


He said, “Parents who will not command their children today, those children will be a source of concern for them tomorrow. If you’re smarter than tithing your financial struggle is for life because you are smarter than God. If you hate fasting and praying you will be powerless and vulnerable.”


He stressed further that “it is impossible to live an empowered Christian life without subscribing to fasting and prayers.”


According to him there is no old fashion truth. The truth for it to be the truth is ageless.


He then explained that fasting is important because it is a commandment.


He noted that the primary purpose of fasting is “for the empowerment of believers so that we can live the overcomer’s life”


He said, “You cannot see His power without a fast of the flesh and a longing of the soul. We are ordained to rule in the midst of our enemy in these last days. The last days are the days of the raw manifestation of the power of God. When you hear the voice of a man on a paper you run. That is the power of God.”


He urged the congregation to take delight in fasting and prayers if they want to rule over their enemies and make impact in life. My outreaches brought 11000 to this church last year. That is apart from what the Lord used others to bring and what the Holy Spirit brought by Himself. It is a consequence of commitment.”


Oyedepo however observed that many believers are lost in the church.


He said the days of the church’s fasting shall be days of divine visitation for the church. “We have potentials to be stars but nothing of value is free. Face where you are going and I can assure you of such encounter that will reposition you in life will happen in the cause of the fast.”


In 1982 when God broke out with the message of prosperity plan he told me, “It has no respect for fasting. Until your part is played I am not committed. I have never begged. I have never borrowed. I have never slept hungry. Since I caught the revelation of prosperity your ministry has not been in debt.


“When you are fasting you search for topical issues that will put you in command of those forces of darkness that hold you bound. It is not a punishment but for your thorough “furnishment”.  Define your goals and objective to make the most of this season. It is no punishment but an opportunity for your change of story.”


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