No man ever landed in the moon- Apostle Akinnola

by Church Times

A scientist and one of the early Pentecostal and charismatic preacher of the gospel, Apostle Francis Akinnola has over a period of time now been on the Facebook debunking claims by scientist to have been to the moon. He cited one of the tweets of the scientists and the many contradictions in their claims to buttress his position. Here below is one of the posts debunking the claims of the scientists

There are those who still believe that Man actually landed on the moon in 1969 and probably subsequently too. Nothing you tell them to the contrary, with proof, will ever change their mind. They would rather believe LIES, even when the LIAR has told them that he/she was only lying!
I have posted here, on Facebook, only a matter of days ago, a tweet, made in the year 2014, by one of those who supposedly landed on the Moon, in 1969 (Buzz Aldrin who at the time of that supposed Moon landing was known as Edwin Aldrin), alongside Neil Armstrong, in which he (Aldrin) confessed that the supposed moon-landing was actually FAKED. But some people are so used to believing that fake moon-landing such that nothing you tell them will EVER change their opinion. I cannot change your opinion. If the person who supposedly landed on the moon, himself, has told the world that it was faked, and I have shown you his tweet (before it was subsequently taken down), but you still choose to believe that there was an actual moon-landing, then you’re on your own!
Not only has Buzz Aldrin confessed (after decades of directly evading pin-pointed questions on the matter) that the supposed moon-landing was faked (and he stated the reason why the US faked it, and I have given you that reason here on Facebook), it has also been unearthed the name of the television director that was contracted at the time to put together a surface-of-the-earth simulation of the supposed moon-landing. They told him (the movie director) that they wanted to have an earth-recorded simulation of the moon-landing in case something went wrong with the “actual” (supposed) moon landing. If you would do your own research, you would even get to know the name of that movie director.
At the very moment that the Apollo 11 space shuttle was supposed to be getting close to the Moon, that fake simulation of it was being done on this Earth with the same astronauts who at that time were supposed to be close to the Moon! How did people get to know? Several lapses came up in the faking (such as conversation heard in the background which showed that something was going on here on Earth involving the astronauts that were supposed to be in “outer space” (supposedly) at that material time. They forgot (somehow) that the video clip carried the date and time of what they were doing on this earth (according to their own “evidence”) and that was the very time and date that those same astronauts were supposed to be very close to the moon!)
Neil Armstrong, the very man who “supposedly” landed on the Moon for the “first” time became a RECLUSE after the supposed return from the “Moon.” Until he died. Apparently, his conscience couldn’t bear the weight of the deception! Anytime he was asked about the “moon landing” he would say “I don’t want to dwell in the past” or something to that effect.
Buzz Aldrin (the “second man,” alongside Neil Armstrong, who supposedly landed on the Moon in that Apollo 11 episode) became, even till date, practically unstable in his mind. He would often go into the street and be asking no one in particular “Did we go to the Moon” until he was known to be actually having problems with his conscience over the supposed moon-landing.
An astronaut who maintained that they landed on the moon was asked to lay his hand on a Bible (an actual Bible was actually presented to him, and this was recorded on video) and asked to swear, with his hands on the Bible, that they actually went to the Moon! He physically (yes physically!) ran away from the spot where he was being asked to swear by the Bible. You can do your own research.
In the supposed moon landing video clip, not only were “behind-the-camera” conversations among the crew recording the “fake moon landing” being heard, but also there were actual “promptings” (regular things done in a movie recording) to the astronauts on what to do and say! They never suspected that those background voices would come out with the recording. Everything was produced here on the Earth and made to seem like the so-called “outer-space”!
The American flag supposedly “planted on the Moon” was waving full-blast, whereas scientists had said that there’s no atmosphere on the Moon! They never suspected (or even noticed themselves) that a generation would come that would question why a flag was “waving” on the supposed Moon where, according to the scientists themselves, there’s no air!
During the recording, but which was presented to Humanity as something actually happening on the Moon, they either failed to notice, or did not envisage that others would notice when viewing the supposed “moon landing” video, that there were actual reflections of television recording equipment from the glass covering the faces of the astronauts in their supposed space suits! Hoola!!
So many things have happened to show that no man EVER landed on the Moon!
You can keep believing lies, if you want to.

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