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Pray for Adeboye, Kumuyi, Oyedepo others, Lazarus Muoka tells congregation

by Church Times

Muoka calls for prayer for men of God


Pastor Muoka

The General overseer of Lord’s Chosen Charismatic Revival Movement, Pastor Lazarus Muoka has called for prayers for all church leaders in Nigeria pointing out that they don’t deserve the criticisms that are trailing their ministries.

He made the call recently during a recent Sunday service at the church’s headquarters noting that no matter the shortcoming of a man of God they should  be prayed for.


Muoka whose ministry was founded in December 2012 and who has branches  in unimaginable places across the world totaling about 300,000 according to Wikipedia; said his vision is to win the world for Christ.


The church is anchored on the grassroots revival all over the world, the revival of the apostolic Christian experience among Body of Christ and the Heaven at Last concept.


In the Sunday sermon, Mouka specifically pleaded for prayers for Pastor Enoch Adeboye, Pastor Williams Kumuyi, Bishop David Oyedepo and Pastor Daniel Olukoya adding that all other men of God across denominations deserved to be prayed for.


He also coveted the prayers of his church members telling them, “me too your pastor deserved to be prayed for. Pray for me”


Muoka whose ministry has been trailed with some form of controversies in the past specifically asked that members should pray that these men of God would all finish well.


He said, “this is not the time to engage in church politics and fighting. This is the time to go to the Lord in prayers for them to do the right thing. If you think they are not doing well that is the area to pray for them. Don’t speak evil of any man of God. Don’t speak evil of any one. Let us also pray for all the pastors of Chosen.” He said.


Vice President Yemi Osibajo and Pastor Lazarus Muoka


Muoka whose church members have the identification tag of putting on apron which announces the church’s periodic programmes stated that his ministry is unique. ‘We are instrument of unification. We must play our role of reminding people of heaven.”


Still talking on men of God in Nigeria, Muoka said, “These people have labored. They have suffered. We must continue to pray for them. Pray for Adeboye. Pray for Kumuyi, pray for Oyedepo, pray for Olukoya. Pray that they will finish well. Pray that grace may multiply in their lives.”


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