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Pastor gives scary but comforting prophecy about Nigeria, says God set to replace corrupt church leaders

by Church Times

A pastor, Oluwagbemiga Olowosoyo took to YouTube on May 23 to disclose a  message he said he received from God concerning Nigeria and church leaders in the country.

In the message monitored by Church Times, Olowosoyo said the present crisis in Nigeria will continue for the next two years.

He however said a ray of hope will begin in May 2024 and extend to 2025 when a surge of revival will sweep through the land.

Olowosoyo who became born again in 1981 said he had been a full-time preacher since 1993. He said in the message that many corrupt fathers of faith will be swallowed in the ongoing tsunami.

He said his experience of hearing from God began in 2006 when he was coming from a preaching engagement in Ile-Ife. He had spent all he had to fuel the Toyota Previa he was driving only to discover that the fuel would not take him home.

It was at that point he became agitated. He began to challenge God on the need for Him to fund the work he had committed into his hands. He refused to raise money from other sources and was determined to see how God would help him.

The fuel gauge turned red at Ashipa Junction while he was driving from Ile-Ife to Ibadan. But just as the gauge turned red, he began to hear somebody sobbing in the vehicle. He parked and was wondering what was going on until the Lord spoke to him that he was the one sobbing.

How Olowosoyo heard God’s voice

Olowosoyo said that was the point he began to hear God speak to him on many issues concerning the church and how many church leaders have abandoned the work he committed to their care.

God told him how “He gave power to some to heal the sick, some to finance his work. He gave positions to people to accomplish his plans. But as soon as they get these powers and positions, they derail. Many who are meant to fund the gospel litter their garage with cars. The preacher who has been anointed to preach the good news rape and kill. My work is left undone.”

He said the Lord wept profusely in the encounter telling him how He made efforts to reach out to Church leaders to no fruitful end.

“The Lord then said to me that he would withdraw his power from the church. He said I should drive my vehicle home. He urged me to ignore the fuel gauge. He promised that the vehicle would still carry me until he was able to provide money for me to fill the car with fuel.”

And that was what happened. Olowosoyo said he drove the car to his home at Ogundepo off Ibadan-Lagos road. He still drove to Ojoo to commiserate with the family of a friend who had just passed on to glory. He perhaps would have used up to 40 litres for the journey he made since the car gauge turned red.

Describing the development as a miracle, he said, “since that 2006 experience I have been praying about Nigeria and the church.”

Period of vengeance

He said God has since been telling him about the coming judgment on church leaders.

His words, “The Lord told me there will be a period of vengeance in Nigeria for three years. It began on May 23 last year and will end on May 23, 2023. The Lord said he has been warning the church leaders for 23 years but they have ignored the warning.”

Olowosoyo who was expressionless while delivering the message said the present crisis in Nigeria will be more devastating. “It will get to a point that our governors will be afraid to blow siren on the road. There will be a new addition to the vengeance. Nigeria will experience a lot of turbulence and deaths. Many names will be taken out of the way.”

Message of hope

He however said from May 2024 to May 2025 there will be revival. “The status of Nigeria will start changing to honour. Nigerians will be respected globally. Very soon people will be proud to introduce themselves as Nigerians”

This prophecy on Nigeria’s rise to glory according to him is in confirmation of the prophecy of Pa Sidney Elton, the missionary from the UK who lived and died in Nigeria.

Pa Elton had in a prophecy before he died said Nigeria will be known for corruption all over the world, but that the tide will change and Nigeria’s dignity will be restored.

God ready to replace corrupt leaders

Olowosoyo said however that God told him he was ready to raise new leaders and take away the present ones.

“God said all my servants whom I raised with grace to accomplish my purpose will not witness the new glory. They abandoned my plan and converted my glory for personal use. I sent others to them. I enlisted people to pray for them but they ignored me.

“I will not mourn over them again. I am ready to collect my church. None of them will go beyond the three years of vengeance and their place will be taken by people less qualified.”

He said some fathers of faith will be taken down. According to him, some of those who will be taken down already know. “As they receive this message the spirit of God will confirm to them,” he said.

According to him, they are “those who were genuinely called by God. But they got trapped in immorality. Those who use demonic powers and those who have allowed money to be their god. People gave you what God did not give you. You and your spouse became the Lord of the work. You did what you like until God had no option but to abandon you.”

The option

He said some of these church leaders have the option of replacing themselves with God’s choice or risk the judgment of God.

“Replace yourself with the person God has chosen and confess your sin, maybe God will spare your life. The Lord said put your house in order. Confess your sin publicly maybe God will spare your life. You abandon God’s kingdom purpose.

“God will expose some of your secrets. He will bring shame to you so that those who worship you will know that the best of men is still a man. There will be a lot of embarrassment for the church.”

On those who will step into the shoes of these fathers, he said, “Time is so minimal. You have a little time to get into the assignment. Don’t imitate them. It is not just a change of baton. You will be wise not to follow their example. Don’t judge them. But don’t be like Jonathan who stayed too close to Saul and died with him. Snatch your commitment from them and give it to the Lord.”

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