“Message Adeboye’s son preached that made father rethink retirement”

by Church Times

Leke, son of General Overseer of the Redeemed Christian Church of God, Pastor Enoch Adeboye on Thursday, March 2 preached a message that made his father proud. And also made him change his mind about retirement from ministry work.

The event was the special holy ghost night put together to celebrate Pastor Adeboye who clocked 81 that same day. Five young people were given the opportunity to preach at the service including  Adeboye’s son.

In his message, Leke recalled the story his father told him about how the family needed water in the first house he built at Ilesha, Osun State. They dug a well but it was hard for the diggers to get water because it was a solid hard rock ground/

A couple of people according to him were invited to dig the well so they could get water. The first one tried, but he could not get water and left. Another came to try and left the well without getting water. The third one also came and did not get water. The fourth one tried, and he eventually got water after digging for one hour.

Leke then said the last digger experienced a breakthrough because he had the God of breakthrough on his side urging his listeners to keep on digging.

He said, “Keep on digging. Please keep digging, the God of breakthrough is on your side. If you change country, it does not solve the problem. Anywhere you go, you will still have to face struggle. You cannot win if you choose to quit. So keep digging”

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The young Adeboye then noted that his parents wanted water and stopped at water adding that they could have gone further.

He said, “Water is good. It is used for many things. We had God on our side we stopped at water. But the next level is gold. Do your research. there is gold in Ilesha. And then diamond. If we say the earth is the Lord, then water is the beginning of our breakthrough. The next level is gold which could be used for sustenance. And then Diamond that will make us take over kingdoms”

Pastor Adeboye later came on the podium after his son’s message. He expressed great satisfaction at the different messages from the young people.

Refering to his biological son’s message, he said, “I want to say son, I am proud of you.”

He said his message has challenged him to keep on working. He said, “Suddenly he made me realise that I may think I have done well but there are things I missed. I  stopped at water. But I could have continued to gold and then diamond.”

Adeboye then said, “Thank God I am still alive. If I was thinking of retirement before, we will suspend that now. I am going after gold. I am going after diamond. My son, I want you to know I am going after oil.”

Adeboye said he was proud of Leke’s concluding thought saying, “keep on digging. Keep on digging there are breakthroughs that are bigger than breakthroughs.”



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