Medical science always coming behind God’s word- Dr. Ayeni

medical science

A medical doctor and Senior Pastor of Lighthouse Church based in Atlanta, US, Dr. Akin Ayeni has observed that medical science is always coming behind the word of God.

Ayeni made the observation in a video post on the Lighthouse Facebook Page, where he noted that some of the things that had already been concluded in the Bible are discovered thousands of years after by medical science.

He said, for instance, the Bible in Numbers 19v11 had advised that if somebody touches a dead body the person should be quarantined for 7 days.

According to him, it was not until the 1800s that medical science was able to discover that people were dying more in the hospital because doctors who had just certified that a patient is dead, move on to take deliveries of pregnant women. They soon discovered that many women died during child birth because of this.

He said it was Ignaz Semmelweis who after observational studies first advanced the idea of hand hygiene in the hospital which turned out to be the critical way of stopping the spread of germs.

Ayeni said further that when hand-washing was introduced in the hospital, maternal mortality reduced from 1 out of every 6 mothers to 1 out of 84 mothers.

“But then, the word of God had already advised that those who touch dead bodies should be quarantined for 7 days. God already knew the implication of going about after touching a dead body,” he said.

Ayeni also gave the example of circumcision. He said the introduction of circumcision to the children of Israel in Genesis 17v12 was done with some great degree of medical consideration.

“God in his wisdom asked the children of Israel to circumcise their male children after the eighth day. The eighth day is not just an arbitrary number. Medical science later found out that a baby does not begin to build the clotting factor after five days of birth and that is after the baby must have been given breast milk which helps to build the clotting factor of the baby. God knew the clotting factor which allows the blood that results from cutting the foreskin to clot will begin to form after five days”

He then advised that people should pay keen attention to the word of God apart from listening to medical science for them to have guaranteed health. “I will advise that you listen to the voice of the Holy Spirit and get direction from God on issues of health apart from following instructions from medical science and from the government. God is the one who put all these things in place for our good.”

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