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Kukah’s choice of words on Buhari too disappointing- Femi Adesina

by Church Times

The spokesman of President Mohammadu Buhari, Mr. Femi Adesina has expressed disappointment at the choice of words used to describe Buhari’s eight years in government by the Catholic Archbishop of Sokoto, Bishop Hassan Mathew Kukah.

Kukah had in a long easter message made a poser to President Buhari.  He wrote:

“As you prepare to return to Daura or Kaduna, I do not know if you feel fulfilled or that you met the tall dreams and goals you set for yourself such as: ending banditry, defeating corruption, bringing back our girls, belonging to everybody, and belonging to nobody, selling off our presidential fleet and traveling with us, etc..”.

But Adesina did not spare the cleric in his creation to Kukah’s offering.

He said, “Bishop Kukah cooks bad meals and they are not appetizing at all.  Somebody has said it’s even better he pulls off his cassock and becomes a full-time politician. He is rather too partisan.”

According to Adesina, Kukah’s assessment of Buhari doesn’t do credit to his intellectual posture.

“His opinion has been colored by politics. He talked about selling the presidential fleet, was that ever promised? You know that in 2015 there was a rash of promises made which the candidates never knew anything about,’he said.

Adesina  Buhari government saying he had done well in terms of curbing banditry in the country. “Are we where we were in 2015? Adesina, asking, “If Father Kukah is true to himself and true to his calling as a cleric, he will know that this country is not where we were in 2015,” he said,

On promise to defeat corruption, Adesina asked rhetorically, which country ever defeats corruption? he then stated that “Even China where they execute corrupt people still kill people who are corrupt That shows they have not defeated corruption Which country defeats corruption Going by the words he used? You can only curb corruption or minimize it. I think Father Kukah is rather disappointing in the choice of those words.”

On Buhari’s promise to bring back the kidnapped Chibok girls, he asked, how many of those girls were kidnapped in 2014 and how many have been recovered. ”

Referring to Kukah he said, “He should even be praising the president for bringing back many of the girls. Were the girls spirited away under the Buhari government? no, but the president did his best to bring back over a hundred of them.

Adesina also challenged Kukah to show evidence President Buhari promised to sell the Presidential jets. He asked also where Father Kukah thinks the President belongs now based on, “Buhari belonging to everybody, and belonging to nobody” promise.

When confronted with some of the facts of the promise by the APC government to cut costs by Channels, Adesina said, as far he was aware, two of the presidential jets have been sold while some helicopters were given to the military.

He said Buhari is a frugal person who abhors waste.


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