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We are not praying for any interim govt at all-Pst. Femi Lanre-Oke

by Church Times

Dr. Femi Lanre-Oke is the Presiding Pastor of Jesus Praise Evangelical Ministries Intl,  Abuja. He has the divine mandate to raise end-time leaders.  He is a philanthropist, an Industrialist, and a teacher of God’s Word. He spoke with Church Times’ Isaac Ngumah

There have been some mixed reactions to the recent elections in Nigeria.  What is your own perspective on the election and the attendant reactions from the gladiators?
We have every cause to thank God for the outcome of the election in the sense that God did not allow violence to thrive, Those who rejected the outcome have their legal right to do so.  l believe they are exercising their civic rights if they are not comfortable with the outcome they can always do that which they have done which is going to court.
But Peter Obi has asked that the election be reversed.  Do you see this happening?
Peter Obi is not supreme court so we don’t know what the outcome will be. If he has his facts and evidence why not. His prayers will be granted. But if the facts and evidence are not sufficient he cannot conclude that the election be reversed.
Many people believe the government did not do enough to ensure a free and fair election. Do you agree?
Well you know l am not working with the president in the villa. l cannot say precisely l don’t know what measure has been put in place to ensure credible polls. We may be fast in making the conclusion but it is left for those who have taken the measure to explain what measures they have taken that will guide the decision or conclusion to ascertain if it was sufficient or not. So I can’t really comment on government preparedness. We are only talking today because of the hitches we see which i think has nothing to do with the extent of preparedness. You may prepare and fail.
But some are advocating interim government. Do you see a merit in this call?
We don’t plan for such and we don’t pray for such. Rather we pray for God’s will to be done in Nigeria, we are not praying for any interim govt at all. I think there is a need for us to be circumspect and make do with what we have as a nation. There are issues we are battling with like insecurity. But then the military is putting in its best. They are doing all they can so it will be wrong to say that the federal government or the present administration has done nothing.
Do you think decentralising the police will enhance our security?
There are different ways to make the Police effective. But l will not support decentralization l prefer the security be controlled by the Federal government to avoid abuse and misuse by the states. There is a tendency for some states to go overboard when it comes to security. Having a centrally controlled security network will help to forestall such abuse.
Before the last election, the Pentecostal Fellowship of Nigeria established the Directorate of Politics and  Governance. Do you see the move as a good one?
Well, I see it as an application in the sense that it was meant to meet a certain need. l believe that it is one of the measures to incorporate the people in the Christian faith into leadership and governance. It is okay. It is a step taken in the right direction. We need the church to be part of the political system now more than ever because the church is the body of Christ we need to bring Christ and the government of God into the government of the nation. So the church needs to be active and committed to such.
There are people opposing the inauguration of the president-elect because they feel the election was fraudulent. Do you think this call makes any sense?
I think people who are against the inauguration of the president-elect have their own personal interests. It is normal when you have your interest and your interest is not presented or it is not a reality you want to protest. That is what those opposed to his inauguration are doing.
But do you see Nigeria farring better under a Tinubu Government?
If he does well, Nigerians will smile at him definitely. But if he does not do well people will be angry with him. I think we have to wait and see what his government will offer.
There is the present challenge of sexual abuse and domestic violence even among Christians. What are you doing as a church to stem the tide?
Our role is to educate the people and tell them what the word of God says about such lifestyle.  We are to teach and give people direction and prayerfully guide them. We also urge the government to play the role of enforcing its laws on sexual abuse and domestic violence
Many churches are also being accused of occult practices and syncretism. How will you react to this?
Well, l don’t know any of the churches in such categories. But then we cannot say there won’t be any of such but that is not godly. There is nothing you want to do in occultism. You cannot be preaching light and be living in darkness. It is not going to help you. People should be mindful. Rather than looking for things of the world, they should stay with God

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