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Jews prosper because they pay tithe, first fruit- Adeboye

by Church Times

The General Overseer of the Redeemed Christian Church of God, Pastor Enoch Adeboye has attributed the prosperity of the Jews to their obedience to the laws of tithing and first fruit

He made the submission at the ongoing yearly congress of the church monitored by Church Times on Wednesday, December 8.

Jews prosper because they tithe

Adeboye said statistics show that 50 percent of the millionaires in the United States of America are Jews even when it is clear that the Jews are just about 2.6 percent of the population of the US.

He also observed that 20 percent of the 900 Nobel laureates in the world are Jews.

He insisted it could only have happened because they obey the laws of tithing and payment of their first fruit.

While noting that some people believe the emergence of the Jews as the richest set of people in the world is a mere coincidence, he said, “then it must be a wonderful coincidence.”

Laments no payment of tithe

Adeboye expressed great worry that the Church had been deluded to kick against tithing wondering how such doctrine gained root

He said many people who kick against tithe and first fruit do so on the basis of their claim that it is an old testament law.

But he argued that the same people who say it is an old testament law also take advantage of other scriptures like Psalm 23.

‘When it comes to those scriptures they don’t say it is old testament. But even at that if we are Christ, we are called the seeds of Abraham.  Abraham paid tithe long before the law, what stops us from doing same. ‘ he said.

Siege over finance over

The RCCG General Overseer who preached on the “siege is over in your finances” prayed earnestly that the Lord would remove whatever is frustrating the finances of his listeners.

He said it would get to a time when one of those listening to him will be one of the first 100 billionaires in the world.

He led the congregation in a series of prayers; one of which was that God would enable them to pay their tithes and first fruits.

Earlier in the message, Adeboye emphasised that Christians should take time to work for God first and watch Him prosper them.

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Adeboye’s Ph.D. thesis

He gave the example of how he earned his Ph.D. ‘I had done my Ph.D. thesis and handed it over to my supervisor. As soon as I handed it over to him, I traveled to Ilesha for a crusade. That was in1974. My supervisor bought his own ticket and took the thesis to the external supervisor.

“When he got to the external supervisor he insisted that the external supervisor should read it so he could take it back. The man said he would read at his own time. My supervisor said he would wait until he reads it. To cut a long story short, the external supervisor decided to read it and at the end, he told my supervisor to go and give the boy his Ph.D.

“My supervisor said it’s not done that way; that he should tell him when he would come for the oral interview. But the man said he had no question for the boy.’

He said what happened in his case was quite unprecedented. I was working for God. But God was working for me. That is why I tell you to seek first the kingdom of God and he will prosper you. Don’t seek money. Seek his kingdom. Do evangelism. Plant churches. Work for the Lord and watch him prosper your ways.”


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Pastor Ayodeji Oyerinde December 9, 2021 - 6:36 am

Payment of Tithe is God’s command. Personal experience has shown me that it’s the right thing to do, and I cannot stop doing it.
Doing it truly brings prosperity. Concerning the Jews, till date, they hold everything about Moses law sacrosanct, they don’t toy with it, and it’s working for them!

Joe osifo December 9, 2021 - 6:45 am

Their own no dey pass money. The Jews are very shrewd business men. How did giving money make one rich? So it’s no longer about heaven? So it’s now about the Jews now? Mammon isn’t powerful o

Adekunle December 9, 2021 - 7:03 am

There are some inaccuracies here, which I think Baba Adeboye of all people should know. The fact that people quote Psalm 23 doesn’t mean they want to enjoy an Old Testament quote while neglecting an Old Testament practice. He should have shown us from the New Testament, particularly the epistles where the first apostles laid emphasis on issue of tithing and first fruit the way modern preachers like him do.

Let me say something about Covenants. There has been five major Covenants, and this depends on your theological leanings. Noahic, Abrahamic, Mosaic, Davidic and the New Covenant in Christ’s blood. Of all these covenants, only the Mosaic is meant for the Jews alone, and has become obsolete as Hebrews 8 says. When we talk of old Testament or Covenant, we are simply talking majorly of the Mosaic.

He went intellectual by citing the examples of Jewish billionaires and Nobel laureates. He should answer this question I pose respectfully: How many of those billionaires and laureates achieved their feat by paying tithes? How many of them ever paid tithes? We know the answer is none or at best very few. Some facts are deliberately being hidden from people here.

I’m not saying he shouldn’t canvass for his listeners to pay, but the arguments for it should be tighter, more biblical, more scriptural, without bellying obvious facts.


Joke Kujenya December 9, 2021 - 10:32 am

It amazes me if people claim they love our LORD JESUS CHRIST and they still have to be persuaded to give their tithes.

How much can anyone give to equate all that our LORD JESUS CHRIST gives -HIS all?

However sir, with very due respect, the prosperity of the Jews is an everlasting covenant as GOD’s own heritage.

The Jews prosper, not because they give tithes or they observe the giving of first fruits; just as our LORD JESUS CHRIST gives HIS Life.

By the way sir, tithes are given not paid.

Because GOD choose the Jews to be HIS Own covenant people and nation; no other nation will surpass them in every form of prosperity…

It is not because of their tithing or giving of first fruits.

Thank you sir??

Joe Tex December 10, 2021 - 12:16 am

According to you ”How many of them ever paid tithes? We know the answer is none or at best very few.” Why didn’t you provide the evidence of your own imagination as regards this point and prove Adeboye wrong.
Meanwhile you want the man to show you ”from the New Testament, particularly the epistles where the first apostles laid emphasis on issue of tithing ” a demand which simply proved that you are not even a Christian in the first instance and yet challenging a man preaching the message from God’s words. This is always the attitude of the black race and especially Nigerians that draw them to perdition and destruction in their ways and never allows them to make progress.
The New Testament as any genuine Christian knows need not placed any emphasis on tithing because it is routine and considered as something that no one needs to be reminded to do as Jesus Christ himself stated in Matt.23.23. It was something that was done as a way of life with no argument or any need for a reminder. from the Apostles.
The whole New Testament is littered with various instances of giving 1 Corinthians 16:1–4, 2 Corinthians 9: 5-8, Galatians 6:6. 2 Corinthians 8:1-5. etc. And not only did the New Testament teaches tithing and giving but emphatically stated in bold letters that Jesus Christ himself receives in heaven, the tithes that Christians pay here on earth.
No one least of all Adeboye has asked you to pay any tithes to his church, so what is your problem replying to his message instead of facing your own miserable affair? Or did any of his members paying tithes cry out to you?


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