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City of David Dating site is satanic, Adeboye should shut it -RCCG pastor

by Church Times

An ordained pastor of the Redeemed Christian Church, Debo Akinyemi has taken a swipe at the City of David Parish of the church for the dating site it opened recently describing the move as satanic.

Akinyemi who serves in one of the provinces in Ogun State said the decision of the church was ill-informed noting that no other parish would have dared it without sanction.

Dating site indefensible

“I am surprised at the move and I think the church has completely derailed. How do we explain a dating site for mature Christian singles? Where is the place of prayer? Where is the place of God’s word? I think a dating site has taken God out of the equation. And that is satanic from whatever angle you want to look at it.”

The RCCG pastor who has been a pastor for over 20 years explained that God is the author of marriage.  “He gave the template. It then means that singles should go to God, not to any dating site. That is a misapplication of technology. When you match-make people through such a site, who do they take their problem to if they have issues?

“Will they blame God if such marriage turns abusive? Will they blame God if people that don’t know God at all, take advantage of the site to infiltrate the church? I am convinced that it impugns the sanctity of the marriage institution whose sole proponent was God. It was God who saw that it was not good for Adam to be alone and he provided a wife for him.”

You find on your knees

Explaining the Bible portion that says, he that finds a wife finds a good thing, Akinyemi said, “We are supposed to find by God’s leading. The whole idea of the site smacks of exuberance, impetuosity, and poor supervision. No poor parish of the RCCG dare do what the City of David did. Bringing ungodly concepts into the church is unacceptable.”

The RCCG pastor recalled that an RCCG pastor once attempted to invite a fuji artiste to a crusade, “That church was stopped from going ahead. I don’t know why the City of David is now untouchable.” he said.

Pastor Akinyemi stretches further, “I dare the pastor of the parish to come and show me how the dating site accords with any of the doctrines of the RCCG or the Bible for that matter.

“Finding a spouse should be by God’s leading. “There is so much confusion in the world today. If God is not leading us we will choose wrongly. It is possible for a man to mischievously exchange love vows with many ladies in different places. The dating site furnishes the opportunity to get a partner through deception. Dating Site is like gambling with the future of our singles. It should not be tolerated.

“Any single who is looking for a spouse should do so with his eyes closed and knees bent in prayer and not through a lousy dating site. They must be ready to pray and wait on God’s leading. All those who wanted something from God in the bible waited on God. Abraham waited. Hannah waited. Elizabeth waited. I could go on and on.

Making youths act like Saul

“We saw what happened to Saul when he was tired of waiting for God and went to the witch of Endor. So you are making the youths act like Saul when you ask them to push God aside and go to the dating site for partners,   The dating site is an ungodly concept and there is little anyone can say in its favour, no matter any parameter of justification.

“The church is for the worship of God primarily. The church is not a market place for singles to come and market themselves to potential partners. If we teach our youth well enough, they would understand the need to look up to God to lead them to those to marry.”

Akinyemi said further, “what has happened is a symptom of the shift from God to mammon. When  Jesus warned us against mammon, this was one of the things he saw. Because a church formation has money does not mean the church should be allowed to do what it likes. It is a celebration of godlessness.”

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Rev Isaac Diji December 10, 2021 - 5:51 pm

Please remind this pastor that the Bible is an executive summary..
God can not be put in a box !
God can lead you to meet your spouse anywhere pls…
After all God asked one of his prophets to marry a prostitute. Was pastor there?…City of David is only seeing the future..
The pastor talking does he hear from God..?
Whether he likes it or not life is moving to the net…
Why is preaching on the net not satanic…
Did Jesus or Moses preach on the the net..????
These guys are just plain ignorant….simple!!!

Oluwasegu Damilare December 13, 2021 - 2:09 pm

City of David, is only seeing devil future and am not sure you are a pastor not to talk of the Rev. you claim you are. Am not surprise deep down inside of you, you know some of you are not call.

Gbadebo Akinyemi December 13, 2021 - 7:18 pm

With due respect, Rev Diji is missing the point. What City Of David people have done is to copy a wordly idea and domesticate it in their church.Setting up a dating site is stage managing an arrangement that should start and end with God.I ask, what dating site gave Rev Diji his wife.? Or what dating site gave Cityof David Pastor his wife.? I understand that the dating site is meant to address the problem of many youth over staying as singles.But I can see that the problem is being misdiagnosed. Many youth are not thinking of marriage due to economic problem.They graduate in their numbers every year and can’t find jobs.So naturally, marriage won’t be top prioty for them.Let City of David empower more youth with provision of good jobs and they won’t drag their feet over marriage again.Dating site is a demonic solution to a misdiagnosed problem.But I’m worried stiff by the seeming conspiracy of silence at the top echelon of the church. I take that to be a tacit endorsement of the satanic concept.Baba alakoso Akindayomi sure will be turning in his grave.Definitely, he would not have imagined this happening in a church for which he received revelation directly from God. I guess salvation race is individual .Let us all continue to do things the way we deem fit.One day we all give account.But let the likes of Pastor Iluyomade realise that some people had developed the RCCG with the sweat of their brows. And it is unfortunate the level of money- induced contamination inflicted on the vision and core values of our beloved Church.May the Lord have mercy

Apostle Olugbenga Oludimu January 27, 2022 - 6:04 pm

I am not a member of RCCG but i am a child of God that is born again and truly filled with the Holy Spirit.
To the pure, sll things are pure and to the defiled nothing is pure. The scripture has made us to know that in the end time, knowledge shall increase.
I know quite a number of children of God who met online, got married and enjoying a blissful married life.
Dating site is only an avenue of meeting potential partners, subject their friendships to prayer and pastoral guidance.
Quite a number of our brethren who met in church, saw visions etc yet their marriages are not happy and fulfilling whereas some of this youth who met on social media are having fantastic life together.
Many of the things which our fathers in faith erroneously condemned in the past has been regrettably reviewed.
In this same RCCG, no member with motorbike can carry a female that is not his wife in the early eighties. It was a taboo! I do not think it matters anymore because times have changed
A static conservative church would not do much for God in this end time.
What i think the church should do is to teach the younger members how to use the dating site righteously so as to get the desired results. We must not throw away the baby with the bath water..


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