Israel Defense publishes list of eliminated key Hamas operatives

by Church Times

The Israel Defence Force has published a list of key operatives of the Hamas Terrorist Organisation eliminated by it. It published their names on its Twitter handle while also describing Hamas as a genocidal terrorist organisation.

The list is represented below in pictorial form



Benjamin Netanyahu

Meanwhile, the Prime Minister of Israel, Mr. Benjamin Netayahu has insisted that the land of Israel originally belonged to the Jews.

He made the assertion in a recent interview cited by Church Times online.

According to Netanyahu, the Israelis have been occupying the land for about 3500 years.

He said the Jewish nation had been colonised and oppressed by many world powers in the past but that there was no time the people gave up the land.

Netanyahu said however that by the 7th century when the Arabs gradually took over the land gradually and the land Jews now became a minority in their own homeland. “it was under the Arab colony that we lost our land. We were flung to many parts of the world. The Arabs conquered the land and made the land barren” he said.

While noting that the Jews never gave up the dream of returning to their homeland, he said, “By the 19th century, the Jews came back to the land and started building factories and getting back their farmland. It was then the Palestinians began to lay claim to the land.”

He said the Palestinians are the ones insisting that Israel does not have a right to a Jewish State. “but we are saying the Palestinians are free to live with us but they can’t demand the dissolution of the Jewish State” Netanyahu said.

Bloomberg, an online news publication notes that “the struggle between Arabs and Jews over ownership of the Holy Land dates back more than a century and has given rise to seven major wars.

“The latest broke out Oct. 7 when the Islamist Palestinian group Hamas, which is dedicated to Israel’s destruction and which the US and European Union have designated a terrorist organization, attacked southern Israel from the Gaza Strip, killing 1,300 people in towns, kibbutzim, army bases and a music festival in the desert. More than 1,500 people have died in Israeli reprisals. Here’s your guide to understanding the conflict.”



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