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Why things are difficult for firstborn children- Pastor Adeboye

by Church Times

The General Overseer of the Redeemed Christian Church of God, Pastor Enoch Adeboye has given insight into why things are difficult for firstborn children even as he requested that serious intercession be made for them.

Adeboye gave the insight at a thanksgiving service on Sunday, February 6 at the Church’s headquarters in Lagos

Drawing several allusions from the Bible, the RCCG said it is common to see many first-born children with several challenges.

He said first-born children belong to God according to the Bible, but most parents want to lay claim to them adding that their problems stem from their inability to walk in tandem with God’s will for their lives.

Adeboye explained that those who do redemption of their firstborn children do so because they understand spiritual laws guiding the place of the firstborn.

Though he refrained from making further comment on the redemption of the firstborn, he said destinies could be transformed for good or for worse.

He mentioned several instances where God dealt with firstborn children in the Bible and also how God restored some of them to their glorious destinies.

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Firstborn: The transformation of Levi

According to him, no man can question God. ‘He does as he pleases. You better understand that God does as he pleases else you won’t enjoy yourself. But as great as God is, he gives man the opportunity to decide whether to do his will or not. Your destiny depends on whose side you are.’ he said.

The RCCG overseer gave the instance of Levi and Manasseh in the Bible who were earlier despised. He however noted that because the children of Levi were the ones who stood on the side of the Lord when Moses made a call after the idolatry of the children of Israel, God gave them the position of the firstborn.

He said Manasseh was older than Ephraim. But when Jacob was to bless the children of Joseph, the preferred Ephraim to Manasseh. But in course of time, Ephraim joined himself to an idol and lost that honour. Manasseh was eventually restored and given a vantage position as recorded in the book of Revelation.

Adeboye: English was my best subject

Adeboye who spoke on the topic, The transformed destiny, took time to explore the meaning of the word transformed. He noted that it’s a combination of two words, trans and formed.

Trans in his words means to change from one form to the other. He gave several instances of the use of trans. He said also that English was his best subject when he was in secondary school. But he opted to study Mathematics because that was the course that was available for scholarship.

Why humility is important

The RCCG pastor also talked about the imperative of humility. He recalled how God asked him to draw a human being and at the same time asked him to wipe it off.

“God asked me to draw a man, which I did. That was after the glorious crusade we had in Lekki called Lekki 98.

“I was thanking God and really praising him when suddenly He asked me to bend down. He asked me to draw a human being. I did, he then asked me to wipe it off. And he told me the day I allow pride in my life, he would wipe me off and I nobody would know I ever existed.”

He then cautioned his listeners not to allow pride to get into their lives no matter their attainment in life.

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