kumuyi now an apostle

Deeper Life founder, W.F. Kumuyi declares, “I am now an apostle”

by Church Times

Founder of the Deeper Life Bible Church, Pastor Williams Kumuyi has declared that he is now an Apostle by calling while also tracing the progression of his ministry career.

Kumuyi made the declaration in a recent message monitored online by Church Times.

Ordinary, dutiful member

He said there was a time he was an ordinary and dutiful member and that he never knew he got something. But one day he realised “God gave some Apostles.”

He said he did not want to be proud. But then he realised God has the best for his children.

He says, “The Father will give something that will fulfill what you are called to do on earth and the purpose of what you have been created for.”

While praying that God would give his listeners the gift that would match the calling of their life, he said, “When God called me he started from the lowest. He gave me the gift of a teacher and I said thank you, Lord.”

Teaching gift

He said with the gift of a teacher he started a Bible study group of 15 people. When God saw that he used the gift of a teacher successfully, He gave him the gift of a pastor. “I did not say no, that one is enough. I got the gift of a teacher and then the gift of a pastor. And then he says, you have used the gift of a teacher and a pastor well. And he said I give you the gift of an evangelist.”

Kumuyi said when God gave him the gift of an evangelist, he resisted it initially because he did not want to be going to strange countries to preach the gospel.

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But the Lord told him, “It’s not what you have. It’s what you are now going to have.”

He was excited by that thinking that should be enough but then God then told him that he would prophesy. “He then gave me the gift of a prophet,” Kumuyi said.

Apostle gift

By the time he got the gift of a prophet, he said, demonstrating with his left finger that the Lord told him, “The fingers in your hand are not complete until you have the five. The little finger that you put in your ear represents the teacher, the one you put your wedding ring on is that of the pastor.

“The one in the middle is that of the evangelist and the fourth one; is that of the prophet.  The last finger that enables you to hold everything together is that of an apostle.”

He said God wanted him to be able to hold everything together. “God told me, even though you started as a teacher, a pastor, an evangelist, a prophet, now you are an apostle.”

The Deeper Life founder emphasised that he had to make the explanation to show that  God gives gifts to different people and that what God gives should be accepted.


He encouraged his listeners to utilise what God has given them and bear fruit.

Talking further, he said God has expectations on the life of everybody.

He emphasised that every title has responsibility. “When they call you a mother in Israel, people have expectations from you,” Kumuyi said.

The Deeper Life Bible Church started as a Bible study group on August 3, 1973, at the Faculty of Education of the University of Lagos where Pastor, now Apostle Kumuyi was a mathematics lecturer. The Church clocked 50 years recently.

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