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Cuddling is one aspect that is very beneficial to our marital relationships as well as our health. *So many couples in marriage are growing apart daily and unaware of how cuddling can be a blessing to their union*.

Many husband & wife only cuddle during sex. It’s better for Couples to take advantage of it in order to form the habit of cuddling in their marriages.

The benefits are:

*1.Help Reduces Stress:*

So many marriages have been strained due to daily stress faced by city dwellers.

*After a stressful day at work, cuddling your spouse will make your body release the cuddle hormone known as oxytocin.*

This will help you reduce the stress, calm you down, lower your blood pressure and change your mood frown frowning, worn-out to a lively and laughter mood.

*Taking at least ten minutes of hugging with your spouse will give the stress hormone-cortisol, a red card out of your body.*

Next time, when you get home after a stressful day, don’t push your spouse aside but open your arms to embrace your spouse passionately.

*2.Increases bonding in marriage:*

When couples cuddle regularly, it aids the release of oxytocin which is also the bonding hormone and this increases bonding and strengthen intimacy between husband & wife.

*Couples who cuddle, hug and kiss regularly tend to stay happy, lively and this makes their marriage tick.*

*3.It Communicates affection:*

*As Couples grow older in marriage, showing of affection dwindles but one easy way to communicate affection and “I love you” to your spouse is to cuddle him/her.*

*Putting your hands around your spouse, keeping a body contact while sitting or sleeping together in bed are ways to top up affection.*  But most men don’t like to be cuddled except when he is in need for sex.

This is wrong because cuddling is beneficial to both husband and wife.

*4. It Combats Cold:*

_*Again, if two lie together, then they have heat: but how can one be warm alone? Eccl.4:11*_

The harmattan is here which herald serious cold at night and in the morning.

*Instead of battling the frenzy cold and shivering in bed, cuddle yourselves as husband and wife under a duvet for it can generate enough heat to send any cold away.*

The best room heater is your spouse!

*5.Keeps your heart in good shape* :

As couples, your heart condition is very important to the survival of your family life, goals and dreams.

*Cuddling helps to put the heart in good condition as it lowers the stress level, reduces anxiety and lowers the blood pressure .*

This help reduces the risk of heart disease and make the heart to work well.

*6.It’s a Sleeping dose* :

*Cuddling helps couples to sleep better.*

This is as a result of the loving and calming hormone-oxytocin which often released during cuddling.

*7.It acts as Immune Booster:*

*Real cuddling makes Couples feel happy, emotionally balanced and full of excitement*.

This bring about the release of hormones that fight antibodies and infections.

*Healthy marriage makes couple happy and rarely fall sick.*

Failed or troubled marriage brings sadness and depression which causes health deterioration.

*Cuddling is a medicine, do it daily!*

*8.Aids Quick Recovery* :

It is scientifically proven that during injury, *constant cuddling from a lover releases the oxytocin which will help reduce the pain and hasten the recovery process.*

So, failure to stand by your spouse in times of sickness is prolonging that sickness in his/ her body

*9.It Combat Catarrh:*

It fights catarrh and common virus that affects the body.

*More cuddling can help knock that sick symptoms out of your life*

*10.Stirs up your sex life:*

*Couples that cuddle regularly have better sex life because passionate cuddling can lead to foreplay as it releases the sexual desire hormones known as dopamine and oxytocin which normally send sexual signals to the body system thereby make sex happen without struggle* .

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