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China of my generation and the China of the Millenials-Francis Akinola

by Church Times

China: Knowing the two kinds


By Francis Akinola

There are TWO China’s. The China that my generation knows, and the China that millenials know. However, it’s still THE SAME CHINA! But, because we know this China from different generational perspectives, the millenials think we’re speaking utter nonsense when we speak of the China that #we know. Of course, you’re going to refer to what I’m saying here as another “conspiracy theory;” but that’s your problem, not mine.

To continue further, let me say what my generation is: my generation is the generation that was born in the 1950’s, grew up in the 1960’s, and was in the university in the 1970’s. Also, in the context in which I’m writing this post, my “generation” also includes not only being in the university in the 1970’s, but ALSO, being a “woke” Christian at the time (though we didn’t used the slang “woke” at the time).

China of my generation

What was the China that my generation knew? Before I go on, I want to say that I’ve got no apologies, whatsoever, for my “Christian” convictions in these matters I’m writing about here (please, understand that the word “Christian” is being used here because that’s the way the average reader would understand it.) Having said that, what was the China that my generation knew?

Again, before I go on, let me paint to you a picture of the world I grew up in, in the 1960’s through the 1970’s. The world was SHARPLY divided into TWO – the United States of America (USA) on the one hand, and the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR) on the other. Yes, those were the two worlds we had! You were either pro-US or pro-USSR. There was no middle-ground. The US were the #capitalists, the land of FREEDOM and the land that promoted INDIVIDUAL CHOICE, including individual choice and practice of FAITH (and that’s where the issue of being a “woke” Christian at the time, comes in.)

On the other hand, the USSR (today’s Russia and other socialist Republics around them that formed the GIANT USSR at the time) were the #COMMUNISTS, the #HATERS of God and of His People; the suppressors and annihilators of individual freedom, the police-state where even your child was a spy on you, and an informant to government concerning your activities. The USSR was so SECLUDED from the rest of the world, and diabolically so, that the boundaries of the USSR were known as the #IRON curtain! You couldn’t get through it! Life behind the IRON CURTAIN was brutal! Worse than what you now have in North Korea. Atheism was a religion. Anti-theism was a doctrine upon which persecution of ALL theists was predicated, not the least of whom were Bible believers who suffered untold hardship. The details of it today’s millenials can never believe.

Cruelty was the blood that flowed in the veins of the communist Russian government. Not to belabour the point, let’s move further. Outside of the USSR, but also completely opposed to capitalism (which equated to opposition to the US) and opposed to freedom and individual choice, was COMMUNIST #China; which, together with the USSR, were the ‘5 and 6’ of communist ideology, cruelty, suppressor of freedom and individual choice, and, particularly, the persecutor of all theists. The boundaries of China were known as the #BAMBOO_CURTAIN.

Behind the IRON CURTAIN and the BAMBOO CURTAIN resided the WORST of human cruelty, seclusion from the rest of the world, persecution of individual choice and freedom; lack of freedom of speech, lack of free movement in and out of the two twin-centres of satanic, anti-God as well as anti-human-individual philosophies and cruelty in the world. The capital of USSR was Moscow (present capital of Russia) while the capital of China was Peiking (now Beijing). The Satanic philosophies and governments of this two countries were such that somebody actually said that “the head of the Serpent is somewhere between Moscow and Peiking.” That’s the China I grew up to know, and that’s the USSR (also called ‘Russia,’ even before they split up) that I grew up to know.

The foundational doctrine of COMMUNISM (to which the USSR and China subscribed, and to which China still subscribes) is called DIALECTICAL MATERIALISM. It’s a doctrine that believes ONLY in #MATTER, and never believes in “spirit.” All who believe in “spirit” are to be persecuted. Even unto death. The state (government) is to regulate EVERYTHING, including the private lives of INDIVIDUALS! Including the job you can do and cannot do! The profession you can be in, and cannot be in! Everything was REGULATED military-style, with dire penalties for dissidents, including death! (I hope you know, for instance, in today’s North Korea, that the government stipulates even the type of HAIR-CUT you can have?)

Then came what I call the “Gorbachev Miracle,” the dismantling of the erstwhile Soviet Union (USSR) through the instrumentality of their then President, Gorbachev, in the late 1980’s/early 1990’s. The rest is HISTORY. The IRON CURTAIN was #DISMANTLED! It was a time of JOY particularly for Christians all over the world, and for all lovers of freedom, entrepreneurship, and individual choice. Although Russia (the ‘leading’ nation of the erstwhile USSR) may still retain aspects of their “infamy,” it is a general consensus, that, generally speaking, the IRON CURTAIN has fallen down. Russia and other erstwhile USSR states started dismantling so much of their cruel anti-theist, anti-freedom structures.

This also extended to other Eastern European countries, which, although may not have been completely communist, but strongly socio-communist, e.g. East Germany, and which led to the pulling down of the Berlin Wall that separated Berlin into two halves – one for West Germany (capitalist) and the other for East Germany (socialist). Again, the rest is history. So, substantially, the IRON CURTAIN went down.! Now, remaining the BAMBOO CURTAIN (China). Somehow, China “slackened” on certain of their policies and ideologies (at least, in ‘public perception), but, truth is, CHINA IS STILL A HEADQUARTERS FOR THE HEAD OF THE SERPENT. Today’s millenials don’t know the Russia (USSR) that I have described in this post; neither do they know the China which, like I said, is ‘5 and 6’ with that Russia.

China of the millenials

The China they know (and which does not allow them to know the #REAL China underneath that facade) is the China that is considered very PRODUCTIVE, very TECHNOLOGICAL etc., and many Nigerian millenials practically ‘worship’ this China – they don’t know that underneath that outward deceptive perception of China, is a real Devil’s Headquarters (and I expect many, including even certain people of my own generation but who don’t know what I know, to lambast me for this) – a real Devil’s headquarters that is DEEP in its anti-God and anti-individual practices, a China that believes in its doctrine of dialectical materialism, a China where people are simply numbers; a China that knows no “spirit,” but only MATTER; a China that has got absolutely #NO_REGARD for the soul or body of man.

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A China that can choose to ELIMINATE its own citizens (not to talk of citizens of other countries), so long as it fulfills the desires and demented satanic philosophies of its anti-God, anti-person desires to cover the whole earth with its diabolical beliefs and practices and doctrine. A China that would stop at NOTHING to rule the world with their own perception of life. Today’s millenials (and many who are not even millenials) don’t know that this is the China we’re dealing with! TRUST CHINA? #NOT_ME

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