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Antichrist and hypochrists


By Moses Oludele Idowu


Inverted upside down Pentagram antichrist symbol

“Little children, it is the last time: and as ye have heard that Antichrist shall come, even now are there many antichrists; whereby we know that it is the last time.


“They went out from us, but they were not of us; for if they had been of us, they would no doubt have continued with us: but they went out, that they might be made manifest that they were not all of us.”

(1 John 2: 18,19)


” For many deceivers are entered into the world, who confess not that Jesus Christ is come in the flesh. This is a deceiver and antichrist.”

(2 John v.7)



For a long time the Lord had been dealing with me on the subject of Antichrist and antichrists. For a long time these words would come to me – antichrists and “hypochrists” – which have no grammatical meaning.  And the Lord unveiled a lot to me along this line. I began to see the church in a new light, and to see every activity, message, sermons, culture, doctrines etc in terms of whether they promote Christ Kingdom and Glory or whether they promote the opposite, Antichrist.


On February 8, 2009 I had a night vision when I saw the Man of sin himself, the Beast of Revelation Chapter 13 ruling the world. I never saw a rapture or catching away before it. It was then I began to look at Theology again to see how the church had been derailed and misled by false teachers saying and teaching people that they will not see Tribulation when the whole essence of Scriptures and Revelation is God delivering His people from Tribulation.


Since then I had done extensive research on this subject both from scriptures and from History and Contemporary Culture. It is amazing that people of the world – those you will call unbelievers – seem to know more than the church on this subject. Unfortunately though I have written severally on this subject and have some manuscripts I have not been able to get them published.


Today I want to talk briefly and give you an understanding because unless you have this most of what is going on won’t make sense to you.


I do not have or pastor any church presently. I now speak and minister to the entire body of Christ. However I have pastored before. I too used to fellowship with a church, one Apostolic Church around my house. However around May last year I was led to stop going to any church and remain at home. So most of the time on Sundays I am at home when I do not have any ministration outside, usually praying, or reading the Bible or Christian literature or writing it.


My own lockdown began since last year. If you study God’s Principles and Scriptures well you will notice that before God does or permit a thing against the people He would first do it to His Own Servant. Moses first went through the wilderness before he led Israel through it; Isaiah walked naked through the street of Jerusalem to show the nakedness that would come on the land, Hosea married harlot wife to show the harlotry of Israel. The Lord Jesus was crucified and His disciples scattered before Israel as a nation too was crucified by the Romans and her children scattered around the world.


Always as the prophet goes so the church, and the people. At the end of this message you will know why I had to stop going to any church – except for ministration. Please I am not saying you should follow my example in this. You know we may not be on the same level and we may not share the same experience and we are not the same. So please stay in your church and be useful to them there, unless you are called out for another assignment which will usually be higher and greater than mere church membership.


S.G Elton used to tell us in the 1980’s that the highest priority is not church membership but relationship with Christ. Many of us then misunderstood that message and it backfired. Now I know what he meant. Soon you too will know better.




Most of the apostles who wrote our epistles mentioned the subject of Antichrist but there was none who unveiled him, his attributes, mode of operation, characteristics, manners like John the Beloved. Both in his epistles and in the magisterial Book of Revelation he shows us clearly and convincingly about these spirits that are now at work in the world for the consummation of the final Mystery of Iniquity.


Now I want you to notice something. John was the closest to Christ and the most beloved. He was also the one who knew Antichrist the most. This is logical. The more clearly you know a thing or person the more accurately you will know its counterfeit.


It is not surprising that John knew Satan and his mysteries more than others. Here is a warning: You will never know Satan and the Occult by studying them but you will know them better by knowing Christ more intimately and by knowing the Spirit more closely. This is the fatal error of Deliverance Ministries of our day who devote more time talking about Satan and unveiling him. You will never know him and win this way.  Don’t study Satan and the Demons. That is not our calling. Study Christ, preach Christ, emphasise Christ and His Cross and Finished Works and you will see the nakedness of Satan.





Let us start with definition. The word “antichrist” – does not mean “against Christ” as it should have meant in English. Anti means “against”. But that is not the sense. In the Greek in which it was originally written it means ” in place of”. The word “anti” means ” in place of” or ” in lieu of”. So antichrist means not necessarily someone who is against Christ but someone who “offers himself in place of Christ.” It does not convey the idea of opposition but usurpation.


Hear this from me: Any man or woman, any system, church, organisation, movement or whatever that exalts, arrogates, promotes, advances, pushes, prioritises any man, person, woman, doctrine, culture, practice, idea, etc above, ahead, of Christ or in place of Christ and His Glory, Power or Kingdom IS ANTICHRIST WHETHER HE REALISES IT OR NOT.


Whoever gives more place to any other person  or thing than Christ and His Finished works is perpetrating Antichrist agenda, whether he realises it or not. Whoever preaches or promotes any other Gospel other than Christ and Christ Crucified, the Cross or ‘Faith in Him Who Cannot change is doing an Antichrist work without realising it. It is Antichrist gospel.


“… Now are there many antichrists…” says John the Beloved.


By these tests today most churches in the present world, especially in Nigeria are motivated, run and driven by Antichrist spirits. By this ramrod too most of what is called Gospel today is not Gospel but Antichrist gospel.


Notice Jesus said many deceivers and false christs shall come and deceive many. John also said that the deceiver will confess that Christ did not come in the flesh. What does this mean? Many things but let us look at two. Only flesh can die, spirits don’t die. So to deny He came in the flesh is to deny His suffering, vicarious punishment for humanity. It is to deny the Cross, the most dramatic symbol of that suffering ( by this alone .most Churches of our day have sold out to the enemy. Thus to deny that He came in the flesh is to deny that He suffered or that He died on the Cross. This is the essence of Antichrist and all Antichrist ¹systems. In this connection Islam which denies the Crucifixion of Christ and all others which by their conduct and preaching denies it are Antichrist.

ANTICHRIST vs Antichrists


John used both plural and singular form of this term. There is the Antichrist which shall come but there are antichrists, which are already here.


“Ye have heard that Antichrist shall come but now are there many antichrists..”


John knew it is the last time because there are many antichrists. In other words one of the characteristic features of the End Time would be that there would be a surfeit of antichrists.

The Antichrist is the being that is coming who is already now here in the world. But when John was writing this he had not come. However I say to you as an apostle of Christ that this man, this strange being is now already in the world and the main reason for most of the upheavals and crisis and conflict and manipulation now in the world is to cause him to emerge. In most nations his throne has already being laid.


His agents, servants are also working to subvert, control most organisations, religion so as to make it easier for him to take over. They now control organised religion, banking and finance, politics and government, education, etc.




Paul the apostle spoke of two mysteries. He first spoke of the Mystery of Godliness which brought Christ – God manifest in the flesh. Then he also spoke of a counter- mystery: The Mystery of Iniquity. Just as the Mystery of Godliness which is God was manifested in flesh brought Christ to the world so the Mystery of Iniquity is how Satan too will be manifested in the flesh to produce the Antichrist.


This mystery is now playing out. It began with the Serpent in the Garden, then Cain, then the nephilims, giants, Nimrod till our day. The purpose is to bring the whole world to worship Satan disguised as a super Christ. We are in the day of the revelation of ultimate deception.



This is just an introductory piece. Before I close I want you to see something. How can you recognise antichrists today? He says they are now many even in John’s day. What of in our own day then? So antichrists are now here. Now notice something. Jesus did not just first come into the world. Before He came many typologies of Christ came to prepare the way for Him. Moses, Joseph, David, the prophets etc. These were Christ types – little Christ’s before the Real Christ came.


So also with Antichrist. Before his coming his antichrists came here to prepare the way. Marx, Napoleon, Stalin, Lenin, Hitler, Darwin, Nietzsche etc Today they are now many in our world through thousands of organisations and movements and N.GOs all working for the same purpose through different means. They are now many everywhere. Even in the church.


How do you know them? I have mentioned one way. The second is most important. To understand this, look at Cancer in the body. What does cancer do to the body? It kills the cells by drawing the life and nutrients out of the body to feed itself.


Antichrists are like this. Whatever they do, say, act in the church is not to benefit the church or for the glory of Christ but for themselves. Their ultimate aim is their own glory, to seek authority and to wrest control over the church so as to subvert it. Their aim is control, domination. Already they have taken over most churches or about to take over the rest.


Soon they will succeed when the few remaining leaders pass on and have to be replaced. One more thing. An antichrist must be in the church. A witchdoctor, witches, magician, sorcerer plying his trade outside cannot be properly called antichrist. Because he did not claim to represent Christ. Only someone from inside the church can be an antichrist.


Notice what John said: ” They went out from us…” They must go out from the church.

So they must be members of church. That is why most cultists, fraternity members go to church. An Anglican priest founded Ogboni Fraternity and till today many priests and clergy and members of this occult society are members of churches and leaders now. So are the others. You cannot be an antichrists unless you are in the church. When a person carries the Bible, preaches from the Bible and has the trappings of religion and is known as a minister of Christ but engages in acts that destroys the Image of Christ and the Church in the society and in the popular imagination then he is an antichrist. When a person also direct people attention to any other thing other than Christ, marginalises, minimises Christ he is an antichrists.


They are also hypochrists – hypocrite Christians. They speak like lamb but think and act like dragons. One Nigerian politician is too good an exponent of this characteristic. The purpose of antichrists is to destroy the church from within by pretending to love and promote her. They are the ones who bring strange garments in to the sanctuary like innovations, talking drums, worldly dance, comedy, rock music etc. The aim is to kill spiritual life in the church.


They know the Holy Spirit will not abide certain things. Today spiritual life has almost died in most churches today. Those of us who knew Christianity in the 1970’s and 80’s will testify that something has died. We have lost the Presence, the Glory and now the Spirit. I am afraid.


Before, conversion and regeneration were easy because conviction of sin was present. That is why unbelievers then hated the church and did not like to go there. Today robbers, witches, cultists come because they know nothing would happen to them. Their respectability is even maintained. Some of our prominent churches, even apostolic churches have now been taken over by the enemy. Witches, sorcerers and Familiar spirits call the shots and decide who gets what. In what is supposed to be an Apostolic Church. Only very few are still standing and they too are now surrounded.


So don’t be surprised when the Man of sin appears, the very first organisations to endorse him will be the churches. Just like the German State Church proclaimed Hitler the Messiah. It will happen again. They have already denied the Lord in their creeds and life of faith. Denial of Christ and endorsing of a false Christ is one step to each other.


One common characteristic now is that true Christians are beginning to find the Church hostile and unfriendly to them and their views. However just before the Final Darkness ensues with the appearance of the Man of sin something will begin to happen. Men of true faith, true Christians from different background and denominations will begin to find each other and begin to bond with each other.


Their common devotion to Christ will be the chord and light that will lead them to each other and unite them. And agents of darkness too will begin to find each other and unite. So no matter what, the Church will not die but it will be transformed. Metamorphosis is the right word. God’s servant Apostle Babalola prophesied of this Great Separation and Rejoining between children of darkness and children of light just before the End. It has started.


Soon the day will come that the world system will segregate and ferret everyone; so True Christians will know themselves and they will be united by their common rejection by the world. What some of us have known for years and experience daily of rejection and hostility from Darkness and the World will soon become the experience of everyone who choose to remain faithful to Christ.


Just as in the Day of His Crucifixion everyone deserted Him except those in Love. So also it shall be very soon: Everyone will leave Him unless those who love Him more than their own lives.Then there would be two classes of people in the world: antichrists and Christs; super devils and great saints. No more neutrals or hypochrists – people who proclaim Christ with the mouth but live for the devil in their lives.


Then the Real Army will be in place and the Leaders revealed : His true apostles and prophets chosen from the Foundation of the world; but which the popular church will never recognize.. Then the mantles will be brought out again where they have been kept and God’s power will be revealed on earth as in the days of Moses and Elijah. The power of the Age to come will be unveiled to these Glorious Company and Bride for they are worthy and they shall be caught up to His Throne i.e, identified with His Authority. In that day the words of Hosea will be fulfilled that the earth shall hear heaven and heaven shall hear the earth. Then it shall be known to the world that even when the Antichrist rules, God is supreme and can do all things; that God can top anything Satan can do.


If your heart stirs with this message then you are probably called into this Company. If not keep praying for more spiritual awareness. To the first group be alert and quicken your pace; to the second group keep moving.


© Moses Oludele Idowu

April 5, 2020

All Rights Reserved

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