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The way we do church will change after this pandemic- Apostle Akindapo

by Church Times

Pandemic: The way we do church will change



Apostle Akindapo

By Wilson Adekumola

The founder and General Overseer of New Life End-Time Ministry, (Alpha and Omega Chapel), Ikotun, Lagos, Apostle Dr. Elijah Akindapo (JP) has said the present COVID-19 pandemic will definitely alter the way church is run when the dust finally settles.

Akindapo who spoke with our correspondent on the phone said church leaders should brace up for a new move of God while also noting that only church leaders who have trained their members to live independently of their pastors will not be taken aback by the coming changes.

He said, “Church activities may change after this present situation. From historical accounts there have been pandemics at every 100 years interval from 1300 to the 19th century. The last one that broke out was in 1918. Between 1918 and 1921 or thereabouts it was so serious. That was the time churches like Aladura, Cherubim and Seraphim, C&S, and Christ Apostolic Church, CAC, were founded. There was a great revival in Nigeria then. The Aladuras realized that the only way out of the pandemic was to talk to God and before 1930 there was revival everywhere.

“The problem we have now is that everybody believes in the gospel of prosperity and materialism. Until we return to real gospel of Christ and preach salvation of the soul we will remain lost. God said, if my people who are called by my name will humble themselves, repent, forsake their wicked ways and pray, I will heal their land and forgive them their sins. Is Nigeria going back to Christ? Are we ready to serve the Lord?” he queried.

The cleric affirmed that the coronavirus   pandemic caught us unaware he then warned that we should stop eating with our ten fingers and save for the rainy season adding that such situation is inevitable.

“I think the basic lesson I have learnt from this pandemic lockdown is that we should always prepare because Bible says all days are full of evil. Now, it’s obvious that from Federal Government to the grass root there was no preparation for this kind of situation. We should save for rainy season. We should always believe that anything can happen anytime. If care is not taken and if we do not do the right thing we may have severe cases more than Italy and Spain.”

Akindapo revealed that he has been doing all he can both physically and spiritually to reach his members via visitation and call. He declared that his members are doing exceedingly well because he has taught them, he said, “My members are going on successfully without gathering in the church because I have taught them what to do and how to pray this time. They also hold family service. I call and visit them occasionally. We pray that the imported sickness would leave the world.”

He said God had revealed to him the pandemic before it became a global emergency saying that God also spoken with several men of God.

He however noted that many were too busy to understand what God was saying.

He said, “When I was preparing for revival last year, the program we normally hold every third Saturday of every month, God revealed to me that we should pray against drought, apathy, sickness and disease but I did not know the gravity or severity of the plagues. It was not clear to me what it would look like because God does not talk like human beings. He speaks in parable. At times, he speaks in idioms, phrases or incomplete sentences. But it takes discerning spirit and your connection with God to interpret His language. Men of God from the Bible days were inspired to speak God’s word. As you can see, the COVID-19 is not the only pandemic we are facing now; it came with hunger, rife and other social diseases.”

He disclosed, “God has spoken with some men of God about this coronavirus. You know, God said, “I would not do anything without revealing it to my prophet”. I believe God has spoken to His people but not directly the way we do but in parable, phrases or dreams. The problem is that we are too busy with worldly things that is why we did not hear Him speak. Not all pastors are for Christ and not all pastors are concerned about their spiritual lives. But He has spoken with those who are conscious of His words in whatever manner He chose.

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“The Bible has even talked about pestilence in Psalm 91. He also said, “A thousand may fall at your side, and ten thousand at your right hand but it shall not come near you. God said at the beginning of the end pandemonium will come across the world. There will be crisis among the nations. So what you are seeing now is the preparation towards the end of age and end of age may take another one thousand years or one second as it pleases the Lord.

“We should all have known that the time like this will come to pass. Christians should just believe that when it comes to pass it will not befall them. All we need to do is to live as if Jesus will come in the next second and plan our life as if He will not come in ten millions years. Whether He will come now or not we all have expiry date here on earth. Whether there is COVID-19 pandemic or not everyone has expiry date.”

On why he did not make the revelation God showed him public before now, he said, “I told my church members to let us pray against sickness, disease, and apathy as God revealed to me and we did. There was no way I could have reached the whole world. Even if God gives you revelation you have to be very careful the way you make it public. For instance, a well known pastor said something about what God revealed to him but he was afraid to let it go universal because if he had said it, who knows, government might pick him up. Similarly, I believe God has spoken with many pastors even if they have not made it public.”

The Osun State born cleric debunked the insinuation that COVID-19  pandemic is preparation towards the reign of antichrist saying that Jesus would have come to take His people away before the presence of antichrist. He however, advised Christians to learn from the present situation and do the needful in preparation for the coming of Jesus Christ.

Apostle Dr. Elijah Akindapo (JP) could be reached on: 08069605574 The Church is located at: 31B, Ola Street, Asalu B/Stop. Abaranje Road, Ikotun, Lagos

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