“How mum shielded me from being killed by my Fulani father after my conversion”

by Church Times

An ex-Muslim, Musa Bello has recounted how his mother shielded him from being killed by his fanatical father when he decided to follow Jesus.

Bello shared a 2023 Facebook post where he eulogised his mother and thanked him profusely for standing by him even when his father wanted him dead.

He wrote:

Since I gave my life to Christ I have not been at peace with my relatives except my MOM.
They all denied me and they are after my life just because I converted from Islam to Christianity. But my MOM stood by me and even helped me to run away.  If not for my MOM, I don’t know what would have happened to me by now.
When my dad locked me up for good three days and denied me food. It was my MOM who would sneak to give me water secretly. My father is the chief of #Fulanis of the local govt area where we were living. When he left for a meeting with his people, my MOM used that opportunity to break the padlock and brought me out and gave me one thousand naira to use as transport to run away, because my dad seized everything from me.
She is aware that my punishment is killing since I have converted from Islam to Christianity that is why she tried by all means to see that I ran away from my father’s house.
Immediately after my dad returned from his meeting, my step-elder brothers told him that it was my MOM who broke the padlock and brought me out. According to her, immediately they told him, he started beating her to the extent that neighbours had to come and rescue her. He refused her feeding and entering the house until she found me.
It has become hell on earth for her. My dad even told her that he would kill her if she didn’t find me. Because of the way he always beat her, she had no option but to run away for her dear life too.
After she left the house, she tried by all means to locate me which she did. When she came, I had to take her to the hospital for treatment because of the beating my dad beat her. That is how we continued living together in a single room with my wife and my daughter. After she fully recovered, I tried to find a place for her even though I and my family were all surviving by the grace of God and the support of some other brethren in the Lord.
But to the glory of God, I succeeded in getting an apartment for her where she is presently staying and up to date, Dad did not even care to know her whereabouts. She always encourages me to be committed to what I choose to serve. That is why I respect women very well because no matter what their son or daughter is doing, that motherly love is still there.
Please remember us in your daily prayers as I am still trying my best to bring her to the knowledge of Christ.

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