Stop sponsoring Christians on pilgrimage, Catholic priest tells FG

by Church Times

Oluoma, Catholic priest to FG: Stop sponsoring Christians on pilgrimage

A catholic priest, Father John Chinenye Oluoma has advised the federal government to stop sponsoring Nigerians especially Christians on pilgrimage.

He noted that sponsorship is a waste of government resources.

He however suggested that if government feels obliged to continue to carry out such sponsorship the Christian community should be counted out.

Oluoma who is noted for his biting puritanical messages made the plea while addressing members of his congregation in Abuja recently.

He however reasoned that money used for sponsoring Christian pilgrims should be given to CAN to build hospitals and schools. These institutions could then be made affordable to Christians in the country.

“If the Moslems want to be going on pilgrimage government can sponsor them, but the money meant for Christians should be given to CAN to build hospitals and schools,” he said.

Oluoma insisted that it was sheer waste of government resources sending people on holy pilgrimage. According to him since God is everywhere why waste government money on people who want to go on personal visit to Jerusalem.

He said, “The problem with Nigerians is that we believe that everything Nigerian is fake. We even believe our God is not the original God. So we will go to Jerusalem to do what? So that Jesus will appear to us fresh? See the way we think? Who has done this to us?”

He stressed further that pilgrimage should be a private affair not a collective thing and should not be government sponsored. Those who want to go should go on their own bill. “We should stop sponsoring people on holy pilgrimage” he insisted.

Oluoma on Tax and tithe

He also took a swipe at those who don’t pay their tax. He noted that  a country where people pay tithe and don’t pay tax can’t prosper than a country where people pay tax.

“The Bible gives us an express instruction to pay tax.  In the New Testament we are encouraged to pay tax whereas tithe is just mentioned in passing. We are expressly encouraged to pay our tax to government in Romans 13. Nigerians should pay their tax . And then, hold government responsible for bad infrastructure and social services.”

The catholic priest who has a large social media following earlier in his message had also pleaded with women who are looking for the fruit of the womb. He advised them  to adopt a child while waiting.

He said, “That you adopt a child does not mean that God will not still give you your own children. While you are waiting on God, you can adopt. But you keep trusting that God will answer you one day.”

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