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Bishop who battled sickle cell anemia now a blessing to many

by Church Times

Bishop who battled sickle cell anemia, now a blessing to many


Bishop Blessing


He was born with Sickle Cell Anemia, lost his father when he was barely a teenager. Life was indeed a roller coaster for Bishop Samuel Blessing. But he surmounted all the odds and has become a blessing to many.


The Delta State, Nigeria born cleric recalls, “It was tough growing up. I had to go in and out of the hospital fighting sickle cell anemia. It was in the process that I lost my father. But today, I have every cause to thank God. I was miraculously healed of sickle cell shortly after I came to know the Lord. I have been enjoying divine health since that glorious encounter with the healing grace of God.”


Today Blessing has put in 28 years in ministry. He is well known for his apostolic unction of healing, prophecy with accuracy and solution and also deliverance with proofs.


Endowed with awesome prophetic grace that has positively turned around millions of lives across the globe from his base in the U.S, the astute and pragmatic preacher says God called him to be a part of the end-time army that will teach the reality of redemption for the salvation of mankind.


This call has fired him to embark on a drive to continue to spread the word of God as the Lord gives him the grace. He told our correspondent that he has a mandate to plant churches in 120 more countries across the globe where people can find succor for their souls.


He told Church Times that he also has a vision “to enthrone kingship and banish slavery. There is pain in my heart when I see people bound. I believe that humanity is not created to go through pain. Unfortunately, ignorance is the reason people are suffering. My duty as a servant of God is to deliver people from the stronghold of ignorance and bring to them the light of the gospel for their liberation.”


He recalls recently during one of his programmes titled ‘You cannot fight for God’ where he said he gave out 10 cars to ten members in his ministry. The cars he gave out according to him multiplied as he got another car gift; a 2019 Mercedes Benz E400 convertible during his birthday.


A strong believer in giving, Blessing says, “I give based on the leading from God. I also give to dedicated people. I believe in giving. It is the secret to prosperity apart from hard work. I don’t believe in talking as a pastor alone. I believe in praying and in being a blessing in practical terms to people.”


He organises programs as led by the Holy Spirit. The ministry has two programs this October at Maryland branch, titled ‘Maryland Night of Deliverance’ on 25th October @ 20910, double tree by Hilton Washington.


He had earlier held one at the Michigan branch @ Michigan suite, 23999, North western Hwy Southfield, theme ‘ Night with the King’, on 13th October 2019.


The October 25 event promises to be a powerful praise and worship session. Frank Edward, Evang Ijeoma Agodu, Pst Esikak Udo( Resident Pastor), Royal Voices will be ministering too, among others. And could also be reach on Royal Place Ministries Int’l log on:www.royalplaceministries.org 

Story by Emmanuel Clement

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