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Bishop Oyedepo reveals “target” he gave sacked pastors, says “35,000 people draw salary from the church every month”

by Church Times

Founder of Living Faith Church also known as Winners’ Chapel, Bishop David Oyedepo has revealed the kind of target he gave sacked pastors of the church which they could not accomplish.

Oyedepo was ministering at the church’s headquarters in Ota, Ogun on Sunday, August 1 when he made the target known.

Some pastors of the church were sacked a few weeks ago for being unfruitful. But nobody knew the specific target and expectations from the pastors. Some had suggested it was financial returns.

Target for pastors

But Bishop Oyedepo said the pastors were sent to the villages to bring at least 12 souls to the Lord in a week and ensure that those souls come to the church.

He however noted that in six months many could not account for souls to their credit. This according to him was what necessitated their sack.

Bishop Oyedepo who had in the past described the sacked pastors as unprofitable said there was no way they could have been retained.

He said, “Keeping unprofitable servants makes you a poor manager. You have the right to resign, we have the right to sack you,” he said

While emphasizing to the church that the offerings from the rural churches for 40 years could in no way pay for what the church is spending on a monthly basis, he said nobody has ever been forced to give money in the church.

“We have never forced anybody to pay anything. We have not been raising prayer points on money in the church. Somebody said he was advised not to come to the church because they collect people’s money. And he said to them, he would come and watch how people’s money is being collected. He came and he is still here with us. The naysayers are nowhere.” Oyedepo said.

He said further, “People enjoy hearing from me, and I enjoy talking to them. Even the UK government agrees our church is one of the best-run charities in that country. You never keep unprofitable servants in the system. You have a driver bashing your car, will you still keep him?”

For those who want to enjoy all-around rest, he said they must first be born again and then have a lifestyle that serves God from the heart.

“Serving God with all your heart will make you experience all round rest. That is the covenant we enjoy with God. We had no opportunity for a honeymoon during my time. Our marriage took place on Saturday and we had meetings all through the week. With all your heart and with the whole of your desire you must serve God,” he admonished.

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He noted that many people are distracted in their service to God. “for 35 years King Asa enjoyed all-round rest because he was following the will of God. He is looking for those whose hearts are stayed on him.  It is the heart God is looking for not the acts. But there are people whose heart is not saying the same thing as their body is saying.”

He said in the history of the church, it had never built 200 churches in a year until recently.
“We have never built 200 churches in a year before, now we are getting close to 2000 in a year. The first 1000 churches had no issues because God said so. I simply embraced the word of God. As long as we embrace the word and follow His leading, things just work for us. I sleep like a baby day and night. The first time I heard how much we pay on diesel a month I did not believe it because I did not feel it. We are experiencing all-around rest.”

He disclosed that about 35000 people draw their pay from the church every month.


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