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90-day scripture challenge will transform lives-Bishop Adegbite, Lagos CAN Chair

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…Lagos Bible App now available for download


. Mr. Lungfa Maikarfi – FAITH COMES BY HEARING Coordinator (NORTHERN NIGERIA) Ev. Edwin Ebeniro – CHAIRMAN (LAGOS), NIGERIA EVANGELICAL MISSIONS ASSOCIATION, Mr. Lanre Oguntuase – BIBLE SOCIETY OF NIGERIA Campaign Coordinator, Mr. David Oken – FAITH COMES BY HEARING Coordinator (SOUTHEAST NIGERIA), Mr. Peter Bamidele – FAITH COMES BY HEARING Coordinator (SOUTHWEST NIGERIA), Mr. Nicholas Okereke – FAITH COMES BY HEARING National Coordinator (NIGERIA) after the press briefing on Thursday, July 29












The chairman of the Lagos chapter of the Christian Association of Nigeria, Bishop Stephen Adegbite has expressed hope that the Lagos scripture challenge will transform lives urging Lagosians to download the Lagos Bible App from Google Play.

He made the submission at a press briefing on July 29 to intimate Lagosians with the project. He also urged church leaders to encourage their members to participate in the challenge which starts effectively on August 1

 The Lagos Scripture challenge is sponsored by Faith Comes By Hearing with the active collaboration of Lagos CAN, Nigeria Evangelical Mission Agency, and Bible Society of Nigeria.

 Already about 400 churches have subscribed to the project.

 Adegbite said the destiny of Nigeria hangs on strict adherence to Bible principles by both the leaders of the country and the led. He expressed delight at the initiative saying Nigeria needs God more than ever before.

 He said, “We know faith comes by hearing and hearing by the word of God. With the word of God that we are standing on, Nigeria will not become an abandoned project. When you have God you know that the trouble in this world is just for a while. If Christ overcame 2000 years ago, we will overcome. The answer to our problem is in the scripture. Once we behave and act like children of God, what seems to be a challenge will be nothing to us.

Giving further insight into the programme, Evangelist Edwin Ebeniro said Lagosians who have subscribed to the challenge will engage with Bible verses through audio and video for 90 days in three phases. The major languages in Lagos, Yoruba, English, Pidgin, Igbo, and Hausa will be deployed for the challenge through a Lagos Bible App

 For the first 30 days of the Challenge, from the 1st AUGUST 2021, ALL LAGOSIANS will be doing two important things every single day: Listen to the Daily Audio Scripture Portions. Discuss the daily Scriptures together in dedicated WhatsApp Groups.

 Interested Lagosians are advised to download the Lagos Bible App on google play. All Churches that seriously engage with Scripture every day for the first 30 days will receive a free Audio Bible device, a Proclaimer, that will allow them to physically meet in groups to listen to and discuss scripture every day for another 30 days.

 In the 3rd phase from October 1st, all Churches that were thoroughly committed to daily listening and discussing of the Audio Scriptures in Groups in Phase 2, will receive free Video Devices for their members to engage with the Word-for-word Video Scriptures for 30 straight days.

 Ebeniro said the exercise will cause a turnaround in the lives of people.

 The National Coordinator of Faith Comes By Hearing, Mr. Nicholas Okereke said the challenge will provide Lagosians with tools that will make them discover Bible in exciting ways. He advised Lagosians to download the App while also calling on church leaders to get their members to subscribe to the challenge.

 The audio and video exposition of the bible will be in major languages spoken in the state, including English, Nigerian pidgin, Igbo, and Hausa, the organisers said.

 Okereke assured that churches that are committed to the 90-day programme will experience: Renewed Spiritual Hunger, increased Spiritual Maturity, Greater member Commitment Spontaneous Evangelism, and Unprecedented Church Growth

 He urged Lagosians and every Church in Lagos to participate actively in the project



For more details and registration, please contact Evangelist Edwin Ebeniro: +2348023164084



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