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“How Bishop Oyedepo treated me when I took God’s message to him”

by Church Times

A woman has taken to YouTube to share her experience with Bishop David Oyedepo when she travelled to Canaanland in Ogun State from Calabar to deliver what God asked her to tell him.

The woman who goes by the name Kate said God gave her a personal message to Bishop Oyedepo but that her experience with him was not palatable.

She said she did not disclose the message to anybody because it was a personal message and that she would not like to go public with the message.

While insisting that she would not disclose the message to any other person apart from Bishop Oyedepo she said,  she lodged in the guest house of the church in Canaanland for four days hoping to see Bishop Oyedepo as she was being assured by some of his aides.

According to her, she was well-received until the day she came face to face with Bishop Oyedepo when his Personal assistant insisted that she should put the message in writing and drop it.

“I came face to face with Bishop Oyedepo. His aide, one pastor Atoki came to me and asked me to drop the message and I said to him that the message is not for any other person apart from Bishop Oyedepo. The man insisted that I should drop the message and leave. But I insisted that the message had to be personally delivered to Bishop.

“But the man would not want to hear that. At the place, Bishop Oyedepo was there.  I was looking at him and he was looking at me. Bishop then turned to Pastor Atoki and asked what was happening and Atoki explained to him what I came to do. He explained everything to Bishop there in my presence. But rather than Bishop asking me to come to deliver the message he ignored me and ignored his PA.

“Everything was happening in his presence. My voice was loud and I was shouting. I said Bishop Oyedepo I have been around for four days and that God gave me a message for you but he drove out of the place and left us there. He was wearing a white cloth and he entered a white car and left us on the premises.”

Kate said she was sharing her experience in the public for those who insist sensitive messages to men of God should not be given on the internet.

“I won’t disclose the message in public because God has not asked me to make it public.  I will wait until Bishop Oyedepo is ready to receive the message. I have stressed myself. I have been to Ota, Ogun State to deliver the message but I have not been given the needed attention.  I am still with the message and would only deliver it to Bishop Oyedepo whenever he is ready to receive it.”


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Remi March 11, 2021 - 4:52 pm

She should have put the message down in writing as requested.

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ODUNUGA, O. O. August 3, 2021 - 1:34 pm

I’m of the opinion that a minister of the social status of Bishop Oyedepo would have means of receiving letters marked “personal” without the P.A. or the protocol reading it.

Secondly, I don’t doubt that God can send message through someone to someone else, but if the message is of great importance or an exigency, for a pastor of the spiritual status of Bishop Oyedepo, I expect a two-way communication between him and his heavenly Father, without necessarily going through an intermediary.

Thirdly, if even there are personal or church issues for the pastor to address or correct, event might overtake the message that the woman intended to keep until she would have access to him, if God or instinct, draws the issues to his attention before then.


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