Bishop Oyedepo opens food banks…says, “that’s New Testament Church”

by Church Times

The Founder of Living Faith Church Worldwide also known as Winners Chapel, Bishop David Oyedepo has announced the launching of food banks across the country in response to the economic downturn.

He made the announcement on Sunday, March 3 while addressing church members.

Oyedepo said, “In recognition of the challenges facing the rest of the world, particularly in our country, the church by the prompting of the holy spirit is opening food banks along our various districts and clothing stocks. No member must beg for bread. No member must go naked. No children must go in rags.”

He then encouraged members to donate to the food banks as God gives them grace. He said, “Put them together in our various districts, a bag of rice, half bag, one quarter a cruise of oil, etc. That is the New Testament Church. In this vein for children Many have baby dresses stacked up in their house, Bring them out. Mathew 25 v 30-40 is coming back where we are called to clothe the naked, visit the sick, and provide for the hungry.”

He said the gesture will be carried out on specific days of the week across the church’s various districts.

Oyedepo also called on members to be passionate about soul winning adding that the church’s transportation system would be revived. “Go after the common people. The gospel is for the poor. We are not going after the mighty, we are going after the nothing. Every soul has value before God including children. This month should be your most fruitful month ever.” he said

He called on members to cultivate the habit of Thanksgiving. “Everybody owes God a timely thanks. There is something that happens every day in somebody’s life. Thank him for the gift of life and everything.”

Oyedepo also disclosed that the church would create a platform where job seekers and employers of labour would be connected. “We have done that before, it worked tremendously it will work again. Anyone with requisite skills is free to access the platform. All that dwelt in Goshen were taken care of. I was told of someone who graduated in 20111 and only got a job a month ago. ”


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