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Anyone who knows how to praise God correctly will make heaven-Adeboye

by Church Times

Anyone  who knows how to praise God correctly will make heaven-Adeboye

The General overseer of the Redeemed Christian Church Pastor Enoch Adeboye has said a God praiser will make heaven one way or the other.

In his message at the Thanksgiving service Sunday January 5 at the Ebute Metta, Lagos church headquarters, Adeboye’s said one of the reasons God forgave David of his sins is because he knew how to praise God effectively.

While calling on the congregation to spend time to praise God and appreciate him,  he said there are many things to thank God for.

Adeboye said earlier in his message that it is the mercy of God that keeps the believer. He noted that not all people get the mercy of God.

He told the enthusiastic gathering that each time he read the story of David’s adultery, he wondered why God forgave him.

But Adeboye said he soon realised that God found out that there was nobody that praised Him like David.

‘God had angels praising him but he discovered that nobody praised him the way David praised him’ he said.

Adeboye said further that those who praise God will somehow make heaven recalling a message he gave long ago where he stated that even if peradventure one is locked outside the gate of heaven such person can still find his way inside heaven by praising God.

‘somebody once told me that one of my messages keeps him going. I asked him which one and he said the one I said if perveradventure you miss heaven just stand by the gate and begin to praise God and call him by his name. He will open the door for you.’

He then cited the example of musicians who praise people to curry their favour. ‘when a musician praises you for those who are in the world they won’t know when they will spend all their money on the musician.’

Adeboye’s message may well open the door for another theological debate. When we praise God, is it a criterion to win favour from God? does praise Change God or it changes us?

Perhaps the reverend cleric need to throw further light on this message.

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