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Nigerian UK-based prophetess expresses concern over Israel, British royal home

by Church Times

A Nigerian prophetess based in the United Kingdom, Margaret Mayaki has expressed deep concern over the State of Israel and the recent declaration of war on it by Iran.

In the same vein, she noted with deep concern the way sickness is troubling the British royal family

Mayaki raised the concern in a phone interview with our reporter on Saturday April 26 while reflecting on what the Lord told her about Israel which was published by Church Times in January 2024 .In the message for Israel, Mayaki had pleaded in the report that prayer be intensified against the extension of the war in Israel.

She said, ‘The Lord says some nations will gang up against Israel. This may prolong the war. Intercessors need to pray against the war in Israel turning into a third world war.
‘ Prayers should also be extended to some countries like Iran, Turkey, countries in the Middle East, and the United Nations. Pray that this war will not claim more lives and property. We need this war to stop.

“The Lord is telling Israel, to tighten their borders and mount heavy surveillance around the clock. Protect your waterways as some humans will be used as shields.

‘ Some Hamans have determined to see to the destruction of Israel, But the Lord says, “I am the God of Israel and I will defend my land and people says the Lord. According to the word of the Lord in Isaiah 8v9-10 the Lord is saying to Israel, “fear not for I am your shield.”

Commenting on the prophecy, Mayaki said. God gave the word as far back as December 2023 which was published in January by several news media including Church Times so we could pray.

‘But as it is now, the very word of God concerning Israel is unravelling. ‘ intercessors should continue ton intensify prayers so that we won’t experience what has been foreseen.’ She said.

While noting that we are in the end of times as predicted by Jesus when he was on earth, Mayaki said, ‘ that we are told that there will be war and endless catastrophes at the end of age does not mean we fold our hands and do nothing. Ours is to pray. It’s the prerogative of God to answer. Ultimately it is the will of God that will stand.’
On the royal family in Britain, Mayaki said the cancer sickness in the royal family is a consequence of long standing bitterness in the royal home.

‘Beyond whatever dietary cause, I sense in my spirit that the long standing bitterness and lack of forgiveness in the royal home may also be the cause of the cancer disease.

The royal family need healing both spiritually and physically. They should learn to forgive and not harbour ill feeling.’

Though she did not state what the issue is, Mayaki said it was strongly laid in her spirit to tell the royal family to let go past hurts and forgive.

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