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How God used us to win many Muslims to the Lord- Woman Bishop

by Church Times


Mary Ajisafe

By Damilola Akingbagbohun

In Surulere, Lagos a number of things will catch your attention; the churches, the businesses and the ever busy Ojuelegba road.  Right in the heart of this elite settlement lies an evangelical church with a woman bishop.

Called Peace of God Ministry. The church which came into being in 1997 is under the pastoral care of Bishop Prophetess Mary Ajisafe with her husband, an official of the Nigeria Football Federation as the General Overseer.

Known for an extra ordinary prophetic gift and love for the sinners, she has affected the lives of many who troop to her church for spiritual solutions. Some of these are top political and corporate figures who have benefited from her prophetic insight.

She recounts that the ministry was set up shortly after a 21 day programme at the love garden field of Olumegbon Via Western Avenue. But she never wanted to start a church but just wanted to work for the Lord. “I did not like the idea of having a church. I have been working in ministry and engaging in revival and prayer programmes with great manifestation until God spoke to me in clear voice that I should start a gathering of His people. A number of other men and women of God gave me similar message.”

For close to 16 years she has kept to God’s instruction doing purely evangelical work and reaching out to souls. “our main message is “You Must Be Born Again.” She revealed that the cause of the trouble in the church today is that many people who claim to know God did not have genuine encounter. “if somebody is really born again, we will not have trouble making  the person see reasons why he should be faithful to God.”

She told our correspondent that the ministry has had its fair share of tribulation adding however that the Lord has seen it through all. “We are here today thanking God for keeping us and making us grow by the day”

The church which started with just about three families have grown to become a household of hundreds. On the role of her husband in the ministry, she said, “My husband has been a great supporter of the vision God gave me. We are here today because of God’s grace and the support from my husband. That support cannot be quantified in monetary terms”

Interestingly the bulk of her converts were largely from Islam. She explains, “When we were in our former location before we got to Akobi Crescent the majority of the people who surrounded me were Moslems and the Lord used our ministry to reach out to them. That is why you see many former Muslims in our church today.”

Peace of God Ministry,

1, Akobi Crescent behind Birch Freeman Secondary School, Surulere, Lagos. Email: info@peaceofgodministries.org website: www.peaceofgodminstriesng.org

Tel: 08023155211

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