Adekunle Adekemi

Adekunle Adekemi: Why I am retiring from RCCG before age 70  

by Church Times

He is a graduate of insurance and a former bank executive. But  Adekunle Adekemi has for the past three decades been busy with God’s work.

 He has been serving as a pastor in Lagos Province 42, Region 37 of the Redeemed Christian Church of God. The urge to do something novel however made him put in a letter of voluntary retirement from the church recently.

 This will take effect from his 69th birthday on January 19, 2023. Though the retirement age in the RCCG is 70, he would not want to wait till then. He feels it’s always good to leave when the ovation is loudest.

His exploits

 Indeed, for Adekemi, the ovation is loud in the RCCG. He has served meritoriously in various arms of the mission.

 As coordinator of the foreign mission for his province, he has visited several nations of the world for church planting and soul-winning.

 He has been a lecturer at the RCCG Bible College. He is currently a Regional assistant coordinator in region 12.

 He is also a multi-tasking person as he holds a postgraduate degree in  Missiology.

 Pastor Adekemi is not retiring in the conventional sense. He is only leaving his position in the RCCG so he can engage in some other areas of missions.

His commitment

 He said in a chat with Church Times that he is committed to his ministry of prayer, deliverance, and foreign missions. “I am definitely going to plug myself into these areas of ministry as soon as I leave my position in the RCCG.

 “My retirement will give me more time to be involved in inter-ministry work and impact the larger body of Christ,” he said.

His pedigree

 Adekunle is a graduate of  Criminal In Justice Administration at the University of Lagos. He also holds a Master of Arts in Leadership studies.

 He has a deep passion for prayer and crusades.

It is hoped that as he steps aside from the pastorate of the RCCG by January next year, he would come to a place where he would make more impact.


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