“You lied” Angry CCC prophet reacts to Adeboye’s comment on Oshoffa

Pastor Adeboye

A message purportedly delivered by Pastor Enoch Adeboye, General Overseer of the Redeemed Christian Church of God during which he made a scathing remark about the founder of the Celestial Church of Christ, Pa Samuel Oshoffa has drawn the angst of a CCC prophet

The prophet, Gabriel Evans took to his Facebook social media account to put the records straight wondering why Pastor Adeboye made such an uncomplimentary remark about Oshoffa.

In the audio message, which is also online, Pastor Adeboye is heard referring to CCC as a Church that once had the glory of God. He said people used to say, when you go to Celestial Church you will see the glory of God.

He however told his listeners in the audio message that such claim is no longer true.

He said in the audio message that the founder, Pa Oshoffa had one wife before he began the church but that he ended up having 34 wives.

Pastor Adeboye who seems to be addressing a group of pastors in the audio message said, “There was a time in this nation Nigeria, that there was a saying that if you go to the celestial church you will see the glory of God.

“That was a long time ago. At that time everything was cele cele.  But the man in charge said openly that when he started the church, he had only one wife, now he had 34, and his power is increasing. So you know the force behind that growth.”

But the prophet of the CCC, Gabriel Evans who also runs His Majesty Evangelical Ministry International said he would not allow such  lie against Pa Oschofa to go unchallenged.

He wondered why Pastor Adeboye would throw tantrums at Oschofa adding that Pastor Adeboye was 7 years when Pa Oshofa was called to Ministry.

He said the first wife of Oschofa had no child and that the woman left Oshofa on her own volition. It was after that he married another wife who had a child for him called Mobiyina.


The CCC prophet insisted that there was nowhere recorded or written that Pa Oshofa had 34 wives.

Evans made reference to several Bible characters who had more than one wife adding that if those Bible characters were alive, they would have been judged negatively.

While stating that he is not fanatical about denominations, he said he would not allow lies about his denomination to go unchallenged.

Adeboye Lied: Oshoffa’s wives were circumstantial


When our reporter called him on the phone, he said he has been in the CCC for 47 years and that he was already a prophet when Oschofa was alive.

He insisted that there was no time Oschofa had 34 wives. “Oshoffa had 9 wives. He had issues with childbirth in his early marriage. He was not in the ministry when he had some of his wives.  He had some other wives after he got to ministry due to circumstances beyond him

“But then we can’t judge him for the action he took.  There are people who have just one wife but are committing immorality everywhere. I remember Pastor Adeboye once granted an interview to a reporter where he said if God is not against polygamy who was he to be against it. He quoted Exodus 21v10 in that interview. I remember very well.”

On whether he was satisfied with the way CCC is going, he said, “I am not happy. But what is happening in the church is just a reflection of the fact that we are in a human organisation.

“When Jesus ascended and left the apostles, they had issues in the early church. It was at the Jerusalem Council that the issues were resolved. Many churches have issues because they are human organisations but with time with the help of the Holy Spirit, these issues will be resolved.

“The CCC is going through its own phase of crisis and we can only hope and pray that it would come to an end one day.”

He said he felt obliged to put the records straight concerning what Adeboye said concerning Pa Oshoffa




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7 Comments on ““You lied” Angry CCC prophet reacts to Adeboye’s comment on Oshoffa”

  1. Prophet Evans doesn’t have to respond to Adeboye on his comment about Oschoffa. Why? Because it shows that Adeboye though is leading a global large church he is not wise. I thought he was. But this one makes come to a conclusion that Adeboye is simply starting to lose the ability to choose his words carefully which is the key attribute of a wise man.
    I wonder if Adeboye understands what is going to become of the Redeem church when he is dead, I wonder if he knows what people are saying about him now. Oschoffa had many wives But Adeboye will die for one Naira. I wonder why he thinks he is better than Oschoffa.
    This is a disgraceful statement Adeboye could have avoided.
    The only difference between the redeem church and the celestial church is that one wears white garment and the other doesn’t. Ask me and I will break it down for you.

    1. I don’t need to ask you questions base on that your rightful opinion, u are already bolted to human/undefined and demonic theology .if u personally encounter holy spirit, even u will know the vastness of Ur ignorance n answer to stop the ignorance b4 it excorts you to hell, u sound educated n wise but the thing of spirit never needs human wisdom n education, there’s a spiritual culture of understanding that must dominat your human thinking’ concerning the things of God

    2. Why will you say something like this, it should not concern you,your own is to pray for peace to reign between them and not judge for judgement is of the Lord

  2. When pa oschoffa is alive he married 34 or 9 that’s was then , but nowadays cele prophet they are coping pa oschoffa nw which is not supposed to be most of cele prophet fall in to vitim because of women

  3. Everybody should just focus on their life and stop looking at people’s fault, and the funniest part, no church is better than each other, we are all serving same God, not all that is going to redeem church is going to heaven and neither in celestial church too, so why judge the whole church cos of one man’s fault, it doesn’t make any sense.. let everybody just mind their business

  4. Its never too late to comment on this.

    SBJ Oschoffa is a Saint. Not ordinary human being. Its revealed to me. His death and afterwards crisis also revealed to me.

    I was BORN-AGAIN on April 9, 1976 exactly 70 years after the great outpouring of Holy spirit in our generation at Azusa Street, Los Angeles USA. Angels began to appear to me frequently and took me to Heaven etc at various times.

    I saw Pa Adeboye’s Star also leading that of all other Pastors in Nigeria in a 100 metre race. My group prayed. Adeboye was not popular then.

    Adeboye should STOP calling himself a PASTOR. He is a Power Minister in the office if an EVANGELIST. Oschoffa was an APOSTLE.

    I am the Apostle of the FULL PENTECOSTAL and the SOON COMING KING.

    Let everyone do HIS MAJESTY’S SERVICE as best as could. NO BLAME GAME.

    Apostle Ayo Babalola was the APOSTLE OF PRAYER. He died at barely 60 and was yet hot for many hours after his death.

    He even lost the only male child among his children.

    SO HOT TO THE LAST MOMENT: Yet, Does the CHRIST APOSTOLIC CHURCH remain the same? He wept that all they would do is to make money.

    Immediately after the death of Oschoffa, Celestial church members rushed to Pa Adeboye who just inherited the Leadership of the RCCG. They swelled up the Redeemed Church abd they used titles of PASTORS to tie them down even when they have not gone to a Bible school.

    Celestial people were givers And they brought that culture into Redeemed Church. Also Pa Adeboye started the Monthly MOON SERVICE in the tradition of the CCC worldwide.

    Everywhere I go till date in or out of Nigeria, Its at the Redeemed Camp that I find the tallest Cherubs during programs. Whereas I did not find even Anointing in any Redeemed Altar or Pastor I have ever met.

    I dont know if the Angels are always there when theres no program.

    I also find Angels at MFM CAMP at the Altar area only and behind it. But not like the very tall Cherubs I find at RCCG CAMP altar area during programs.

    I also find the Angels at the MFM Headquarters, Onike Yaba, around the Altar. Their presence is very thick around the top office of Dr. Olukoya.

    I once found an excuse to enter that place one day. They dont know I only want to enjoy the thick presence of those Angels.

    Whenever I go to RCCG CAMP, I just stand under one of those tallest Cherubs. I dont struggle to go inside the Hall. It may be right beside it behind it.

    Please note that I AM AN APOSTLE and am not concerned with what happens in any Denomination. My concern is to deliver the Progressive and paradigm SHIFT we need for this times to the Church in General.

    I dont care if the Church of the Kord and other C& S Church stopped killing goats fir sacrifices etc.

    Its their problems. God knew that the HOLY SOLOMON TEMPLE which produces thick smokes 24)7 fir burning sacrifices for EACH SIN COMMITTED BY EACH JEW OR PROSELYTE would soon be destroyed. Jesus came to translate everything into SPIRITUAL figures.

    When theres no place to slaughter goats and chickens anyhow, they would stop.

    That’s not my message. My message is on the FULL PENTECOSTAL and the ANGELMAN Generation. They stopped Williams Seymour from fulfilling the teaching of those mysteries because although he was the vessel used for the GREAT OUTPOURING OF HOLY SPIRIT in our time, He was a freed Black American slave.

    God made me close up my Church after Bible School and had 20,000hours encounters with ne through daily vigils. But I was not allowed to publish until it was 21years in retreat when my mates of the Mid 1970s had built big Cathedrals.

    And God still tells me: I dont send you that.
    Behold He cometh!

    (C) Yemi Aanu LLB, BL, KMS+
    (Title and cover design also revealed in 21year retreat). 2021/22 Edition. US$250. pp.

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