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My experience the first time God took me to heaven- Adeboye

by Church Times

The General Overseer of Redeemed Christian Church of God, Pastor Enoch Adeboye has said it is impossible to describe heaven in human language while recalling how God took him to heaven during a conference in Kenya in 1976.

Adeboye made the disclosure at the ministers’ virtual conference of the church which ended last Saturday. The main convention of the Church which is being held online began today August 3. with the theme wonderful

He said the encounter he had was what informed his emphasis on holiness stating that there is no how anybody who had experienced heaven would want to miss it.

Narrating the events that led to the encounter, he said, “I heard there was going to be a conference in Kenya in 1976. All the Pentecostals in the world were to meet in Kenya. Bro Kumuyi was with us. We were housed in the boarding house of a secondary school. Every evening after the programme, my brethren from Nigeria will be smiling and joking. Bro Kumuyi looked at me and said it seems you know why you are here when he saw that I was always studying the Bible and praying.

“I would take my Bible and enter the toilet to read it. Bro Kumuyi and I were both reading the Bible in the toilet. I got to know that when his toilet room opened and I saw he was also reading the Bible. It was during that conference that God took me to the throne-room of heaven.” He said.

On what he experienced, he said, “I saw myself in a big place. I saw someone sitting on the throne far away. I saw angels. And they were huge. When we say angels are dressed in white it is because we don’t have a word to describe them. If you have a crystal glass with water in it how do you describe it? I saw millions on both sides of the throne.

“I looked like somebody naked who had been dropped into sewers, pit latrine and pulled out and put there. Nobody said a word. I didn’t need to be told that Jesus was the one on the throne.”

He said he came back from that experience and said to himself when next he had the opportunity to be in heaven he won’t appear dirty again.

Adeboye who preached largely from the story of Elisha said it was during that Kenya conference God told him some personal things. “God told me things which are not meant for you. He gave me three passages from the Bible and I have been seeing things unfolding since that time”

He charged his listeners to be always ready for death explaining that death is no respecter of anointing or any person.

Giving the example of Elisha, he said, “Elisha fell sick and died. But he had made a tremendous impact when he was alive. We should not be afraid of death because whether we like it or not we will die. You don’t begin to live until you are no longer afraid of death. One of the major reasons that Jesus came and died was to set free those who are always in fear of death. If you are still afraid of death, you are not a free person. You are in bondage. The day you are no longer afraid of death, freedom has come.”

He said further, “the moment the devil discovers that you are no longer afraid of death he becomes afraid of you. The most fearsome of the pilots during the Second World War were the Japanese. They attacked with the intention of ramming their plane into yours. Every pilot on the other side feared them because they were ready to die”


He then stressed ministers of the gospel should live a life of impact so that when they are not around people would feel their absence.

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