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Adeboye: I will no longer take attack on me and RCCG lightly

by Church Times

General Overseer of the Redeemed Christian Church of God, Pastor Enoch Adeboye has said he would no longer take attack on his person and the RCCG lightly but that he would not resort to anything physical to fight the battle.

He made this known in a closed-door meeting with some pastors of the church shortly before the May Holy Ghost service of the church.

One of the pastors who was at the meeting told Church Times that Pastor Adeboye expressed a lot of concern over the incessant media bashing and the unsubstantiated media reports about the RCCG.

He told the gathering of senior pastors that he would henceforth table the case before God who is the ultimate judge to intervene in the matter and silence those who want to disparage the church.

According to the Church Times source, “Pastor Adeboye does not like litigation and he does not like confrontation. That is why he does not confront issues the way people would have loved him to do. He takes his time to approach issues and no matter what, he would not take laws into his own hands. But he would go to God in prayers.”

He explained further that, “He does not like the idea of litigation. And would not want to go to court over any matter. He once prevailed on Bishop David Oyedepo not to go to court over a matter involving one of the branches of Winners Chapel. That shows you the kind of person he is.”

No media debate

The source told Church Times that Adeboye warned them not to engage in any media debate over the issues concerning the church and that they should rather go to God in prayers.

“He told us that he was going to begin to pray and call on God on the matter. It is not for me to fight. This matter will be settled by God once and for all.” Adeboye told the pastors according to the Church Times source.

On the purported suspension of Pastor Idowu Iluyomade and his subsequent resignation, the source said, “It took a lot of time for Pastor Adeboye to act on the matter because of his kind of nature. But it was even the birthday party of Pastor Siju Iluyomade when the whole country was mourning a prominent and supportive member of the church in the person of Herber Wigwe complicated the whole thing.

“The church had no option but to move in. But even at that, you will discover that the church did not act immediately. That tells you Pastor Adeboye does not like conflict.”

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True picture of Trinity Tower

Another allegation against Iluyomade was that the RCCG does not have the true picture of the Trinity  Towers and all the transactions that went into the construction of the building.

“There are insinuations that the Tower was registered in the name of Pastor Iluyomade and that of his wife. But it is still a speculation. That is why there was a need for an auditing firm to step in and check all the papers concerning the place. That can not be done with Iluyomade remaining pastor.” The source said.

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