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How RCCG exit procedure is frustrating Pst. Idowu Iluyomade

by Church Times

There are strong indications that the former Pastor of the City of David parish of the Redeemed Christian Church of God, Pastor Idowu Iluyomade may have resigned from his appointment with the church while serving the three-month suspension on him

A source close to the embattled pastor confirmed to Church Times on Monday that he resigned but because of the exit procedure of pastors of his calibre it’s difficult for him to make the resignation public.The source said the special relationship Iluyomade enjoys with the General Overseer of the Church, Pastor Enoch Adeboye is also making the resignation almost impossible.

“He resigned but if he has not seen Pastor Adeboye, it will be difficult for such resignation to stand. This is because of the regard he has for Pastor Adeboye. He is mindful of this, and that is why the resignation is still in the realm of speculation. He can’t make a public statement on it yet.”

Pastors can’t just resign

The pastor who spoke on the condition of anonymity said in RCCG, pastors of Iluyomade’s calibre can’t just resign. “There is an exit procedure for Pastors of his rank. Even if you resign, it takes some time for the governing council to accept your resignation. In the case of Iluyomade, he is supposed to be serving a suspension order

“The resignation can only be considered until after the expiration of the suspension. The governing council of the church has to do that. But he could decide to just leave and nothing will happen. But he is mindful of the spiritual implication of his action.”

While noting that Pastor Iluyomade has not been able to see Pastor Adeboye since his suspension, the source disclosed that it was the seemingly cold treatment he received at the Church’s headquarters in Ebute Meta, Lagos that made him consider the resignation option.

“When he got to the Church’s headquarters, he was ushered to where the top pastors were seated. But there was an order reportedly from the G.O that he could not sit with the pastors since he was under suspension. That was what made him consider the resignation option.”

Debt profile

But the big issue for the RCCG is how to deal with the humungous debt left behind by Pastor Iluyomade.

Our correspondent gathered that the Trinity Tower project has become an albatross. “When the project was on, some of the members of the building committee were shocked to realise that billions of naira had been collected as loan for the project by a clique spearheaded by Pastor Iluyomade.

They had thought the office space in the Tower would be fully subscribed so they could pay up the loan. But that was not the case. Right now, both the Tower and the church are heavily indebted.” Said the church official.

Just last Sunday, the COD announced that it was still owing about N320 million naira.

New pastor

Already, the new pastor of the City of David, Pastor Charles Kpandei has taken over the running of the parish. He had a meeting with some of the workers of the parish on Saturday, June 8 where he tried to win their confidence and assured them of a new beginning.

On Sunday, June 8 some of the parishioners who had left the church due to the happenings in the last three months reportedly returned.

At the time of writing this, it is not clear what the next line of action will be for Pastor Iluyomade. It is however believed that he is not cut out to be a church founder. But events in the coming days will confirm where the pendulum swings.

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