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Why pastors and church leaders need Artificial Intelligence in Ministry

by Church Times
As technology advances at an unprecedented rate, the church is not exempt from the impact of Artificial Intelligence (AI). AI is transforming various aspects of our lives, and ministry is no exception. Pastors and church leaders must recognize the potential of AI in enhancing their ministry and be prepared to harness its power.
*Why AI in Ministry?*
AI in Ministry enables pastors and church leaders to enjoy efficient administration, personalized ministry, enhanced worship experience, community engagement, outreach and evangelism, biblical study and Interpretation, and mental health support.
*Pastors and Church Leaders Need to Know How to Use AI Tools:* because of relevance and effectiveness, enhanced pastoral care, increased productivity, better decision-making, and staying ahead of the curve.
*To get started, this Webinar will assist pastors and church leaders to:*
1. *Educate themselves*: Learn the basics of AI and its applications in Ministry.
2. *Explore AI-powered tools*: Discover available AI tools and resources that align with their ministry goals.
3. *Collaborate with AI experts*: Partner with AI professionals to develop customized solutions for their church.
4. *Develop an AI strategy*: Integrate AI into their ministry plan, ensuring responsible and ethical use.
*To reserve your seat, Register for this Webinar here:* https://bit.ly/aiforpastors
By embracing AI, pastors and church leaders can revolutionize their ministry, enhance their impact, and fulfill the Great Commission more effectively.
Don’t miss out on this opportunity – *Register NOW and get equipped for an AI-equipped ministry!*
See you online soon!https://bit.ly/aiforpastors
*Oyewole O. Sarumi | Ph.D. ACC.*
_Lead Coach, TCN, and Faculty Member, ICLED Business School, Lekki, Lagos_
Blessings 💯❤️

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