Why I abandoned Islam for the Christian faith- Apostle Suleman

by Church Times

Apostle Johnson Suleman has said one of the reasons he embraced Jesus was because his imam could not answer questions he asked him about his eternal destiny.

 He made the disclosure in a recent sermon to his congregation in Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirate.

Johnson who is the founder of Omega Fire Ministry said, “I went to meet my Imam because I don’t understand certain things I saw in the book. I saw a place in the book that says, I don’t know where I am going when I die. I met my Imam a learned chap and I said can you explain this to me? And he said, even he does know where he is going when he dies. I said oh, how can I follow..my mind was in a state of confusion as a young chap I was worried for about six weeks, over a month”

 He said because of the confusion in his mind he once refused to join his family in a particular prayer session and his father had to specifically force him to the prayer ground.

 “By the time I got to the prayer ground when everybody was down, I stood. My father was pulling me, pulling me but I stood. I had told him if he forced me here, he wouldn’t like what I would do.”

Amazing Grace Hymn

 The father according to him later forced him to the car, took him home, and beat him. It was while at home he heard a lady sing the hymn Amazing Grace.

Johnson said God used the hymn to bring him to the knowledge of Jesus. “I heard the song and I felt the love of Christ. The only part I remembered in the song was, That saved a wretch like me”

 He recounted that he started smoking when he was in primary school and took Indian helm when he was in class 1. “The first time I took Indian helm I was climbing the wall. Everybody became small. Even people bigger than me, I was looking at them anyhow. It was a dimension.”

 Johnson said he had the courage to attack grown-up people and was a known troublemaker.

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 He recalled how the police once made an attempt to arrest him while also disclosing that his mother was a police officer. “When the police saw that my mother was a police officer, they did not want to take me, but my mother said they should pick me.”

 He recalled several of his childhood escapades but God decided to save him from his wretched lifestyle.



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