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Chidi Ogbuehi

Varsity lecturer arrested as MFM evangelist he guaranteed absconds during pilgrimage

by Church Times
The Nigerian Christian Pilgrim Commission has, through the help of the police secured the arrest of a lecturer, Mr Chidi Ogbuehi following the abscondment of the person he guaranteed during the pilgrimage to Israel in July 2022.
This was made known by the Head Media and Public Relations of NCPC Mr. Celestine Toruka, in a statement made available to Church Times on Tuesday August 30.
Toruka also warned that henceforth guarantors will  pay for the sins of the people they guarantee during pilgrimage.

Chidi Ogbuehi

Chidi Ogbuehi a lecture at the Anchor University was said to have guaranteed Solomon Ogbuehi, an evangelist with the Mountain of Fire and Miracles Ministries
Solomon Ogbuehi according to the statement was part of the Lagos contingent. He is the elder brother of the lecturer who guaranteed him.
The statement informs further that every intending pilgrim is expected to  fill out a form before undergoing a screening exercise conducted by the Commission.
The form according to Toruka makes provision that a guarantor must attest to the character of the intending pilgrim. They must also specify in writing and duly signed that they would take full responsibility in the event that the pilgrim absconds in the Holy land.
Mr Chidi Ogbuehi claimed to be an official of the Pentecostal Fellowship of Nigeria, PFN and a Lecturer with Anchor University, Ipaja, Lagos He was arrested by  the law enforcement  agents  on August 1, 2022.
He was arrest,for allegedly aiding his brother, Solomon Ogbuehi to abscond in Israel during  the July 2022 pilgrimage exercise, having committed himself by attestation and by accepting full responsibility for the pilgrim’s conduct.
The abscondee, traveled to Israel as  a self-sponsored pilgrim. He had also claimed to be an Evangelist with Mountain of Fire and Miracles Ministry, MFM.
On the expiration of his pilgrimage exercise, Mr Solomon Ogbuehi did not return to the country.. His guarantor, Mr Chidi Ogbuehi failed to produce him either..
NCPC said it will ensure Mr Chidi Ogbuehi pays for aiding his brother to abscond during pilgrimage except he ensures that he returns back to the country.
The statement notes that this action would serve as a deterrent to other would-be guarantors and potential abscondees.

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