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’50 THESES ON VACCINES’ – an experiment in spiritual public advocacy by Moses Oludele

by Church Times


Perhaps, the most provocative book that ever came out of the Press this year. Or even for a long time to come…

On the Eve of the arrival of corona vaccines to Nigeria, …

On the 230th anniversary of John Wesley’s passage for whom the book is dedicated…

Researcher and writer, Moses Oludele Idowu releases a 174- page book on vaccines.

In the highest and historic tradition of Protestantism and following in the footsteps of Martin Luther, Idowu nails the following Theses on the walls of African National Consciousness for public debate and consideration.

50 THESES ON VACCINES- is the title of a book that provokes every African in particular and blacks in general to think and consider some neglected issues.

In these theses are statements, opinions, declarations, facts, figures from varied documents and from experts who should know on the subject of Vaccines.

In this book you will meet:

* Opinions of about 30 physicians and experts, some of the finest and the best from different parts of the world, on corona vaccines in particular and vaccines in general.

*  What you don’t know about these vaccines and you need to know

* What PRS is – problem, reaction, solution and how this affects you.

* The road to slavery and domination for Africa if they take the wrong steps.

* What does a vaccine do to your body?

* Is there an agenda for global depopulation? Read the Original Documents printed years ago.

* Is there any goal toward which all these are being driven and what is that goal?

* About 17 Appendices attached for you to crosscheck the facts for yourself…

And many more….

As the rider or blurb of this book says: ‘Before You Take the Shot Read This’

That book is now at your reach, 175 pages for only N1500.00

Beginning from this Thursday 4th March 2021 this eBook will be on sale all over the world.

Begin to book your copy now to avoid rushing. It will be distributed on the basis of “first come, first served.”


* Pay to the account:   Divine Artillery Publications 0442005925   Ecobank

* Send the teller or proof of payment to the author or any of his associates

+234 -08034697670, 08023028950 ( only text messages please)

* Send your email address for the eBook.

* Your payment only entitles you to a copy and you cannot resell or recopy to another person because it would be monitored.

* The cost has been made so cheap so everyone can read this very important message.

’50 THESES ON VACCINES’ – an experiment in spiritual public advocacy.



I am not a Conspiracy Theorist, no, I am a researcher and writer, author of more than 30 books, some of which have made it to the top Universities and libraries of the world. I am not a frivolous person. If I ask you to consider something and ponder on something then you should take those things seriously.

See you on the pages of the book.

© Moses Oludele Idowu




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