Tithing, the biggest scam in history of mankind- Sharon Johnson

by Church Times

By Sister  Sharon Johnson

False teachers claim if one does not “pay” tithes and offerings they have robbed God using Old Testament scriptures to intimidate and indoctrinate their followers. The word indoctrinate means, to teach a set of beliefs without a person questioning them. It is brainwashing. Multitudes have been brainwashed to the point they cannot bear the thought of not paying ten percent of their income in fear they are not going to be blessed by God or something terrible is going to happen to them. This is precisely what false teachers rely upon to hold multitudes captive in their finances and psychological health. They have cleverly twisted the Scriptures since Jesus walked the earth. Nonetheless, tithing is the biggest money racketeering scam in the history of mankind.
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There are those who will threaten other ministers if they do not pay their 10%, they cannot serve (minister) in their churches. They tell them “you are a leader; therefore you should of all people lead by example and tithe,” Hmm? My friend, this is thievery in the countless temples (churches) across America from L.A. to New York, to the Florida Keys. Most promote this trickery are spiritual Pharaohs, they are bullies! They use the Bible to overtake the weak; fleecing, robbing and abusing innocent and unlearned people of all ethnic and economical statuses to give them their money in the name of God.
Oh! Before we dive into this manuscript, bear in mind, God is not swayed by the masses. He is God. His Spirit lives and he is not moved by the majority whatsoever. Only 8 people were saved from the flood, the family of Noah. The majority does not rule. A pulpit predator is someone who preys on the weak. They will attempt to make you believe the majority rules.
Predatory preachers are mostly found in the office of a pastor, many don’t know they are because they go along to get along with what has been taught to them, nonetheless, they are guilty of lying and stealing too in the name of God, unlike their counterparts that are crafty and know that tithing is not for New Testament followers of Christ. These are they that are very persuasive to those who are brainwashed by them. It is very important to know that all messengers that God anoints and sends forth, are not just pastors. Therefore, we examine the work of the pastoral office without bias or any motivation accept to set at liberty anyone that has been deceived or corrupted by pastors who are notorious for having their own clicks and clubs, but God will have his say
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in the matter of the deceitful works of countless pastors who have cursed themselves and their followers contributing to the epidemic of mental illnesses, violence, lack of respect for God and the like.
The United States Supreme Court examines the practicing of law and decisions in lower trial courts as the people bring their grievances before them. It is the responsibility and obligation of all judges to report any unethical and or deceitful practices of their fellow judges to the Supreme Court to protect the judiciary and confidence of the people. The United States judiciary process is supposed to uphold the rights of the people to have liberty and equal protection of the law, and thus it is the same for anyone that is a sincere follower of Jesus Christ who has been called into ministry. We have an obligation to God and his Son, Jesus Christ to expose corruption of wayward preachers and imposters of the faith. Corruption is nothing new in the church. Nonetheless, we have never seen it as pervasive as it is, due in part to technology. The internet and television of course has provided a portal for predators to manifest without any regulations whatsoever. Ministry is big business and the false doctrine of tithing from the Law of Moses is seated at the root of the matter.
Sincere followers of Jesus Christ have been liberated from the Law of Moses given to the sons of Aaron, the Levites, concerning first fruits (tithing). We are blessed to have the Holy Spirit to comfort, teach and manifest his gifts for the encouragement of our fellowman without being detained, subdued or indoctrinated by false teachers who are in many cases, practicing the law of God illegally. They are corrupt and have violated the rights of multitudes of innocent people. And thus, these preachers should be “disbarred” immediately! They have violated the rights of God’s people to freely love, serve and walk with him. Therefore, the following has been inspired by God for the renewal and reformation of Jesus Christ church for the Glory of God and the recovery of your wallet from the enormous amount
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of thieves in the temples of America. Let’s take our time here and lay a foundation and some clear understanding.
Now follow me very closely, Jesus has given 5 different types of preachers (ministers, messengers) to assist God in harvesting lost souls to turn from our sins, receive forgiveness through Jesus Christ, and to be trained in right living and how to become ministers (servants) of Jesus Christ. Ephesians 4:10-13 tells us the name of these ministry gifts: Apostles ~ Set Up Start churches in foreign territories where Jesus Christ has never been preached Prophets ~ Stir Up Warn the people, bring correction Evangelists ~ Fill Up Constantly preach salvation in the Name of Jesus Christ, challenging sinners to be saved Pastors ~ Grow Up Assist, nurture and care for the assembly Teachers ~ Train Up Teach and train followers in the Word of God
Notice the variety of the above ministry gifts to the Body of Christ. Each of these ministry gifts are different in their primary calling and function, just like court judges vary in their practice of certain law in different courts such as probate, bankruptcy, juvenile, criminal ect. Nonetheless, they should all maintain the disposition to protect the right of the people at all times with fairness, and protection of the law. And so it is with real messengers of Jesus Christ. We are obligated to protect the purpose of Jesus Christ, which was simply; to save humanity from their sin and restore our relationship back with God, void
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of any interference of false messengers or preachers who without fail will always twist the Scriptures for their own personal gain.
The most distinctive characteristic of a “God sent” preacher is he or she does not lust after materialism, nor does he or she love money. “For the love of money is the root of all evil; which while some coveted after, they have erred from the faith, and pierced themselves through with many sorrows,, 1Timothy 6:10. The love or lust for ‘financial security’ is directly associated with what? Money. Money denotes power. My friend this is why countless pastors refuse to stop twisting the Scriptures concerning tithing. Tithing benefits “their agenda” for ministry. Nonetheless, we beg to question, did Jesus live by faith? Who did Jesus pay his tithes too? What about the 12 apostles of Christ during the entire time they walked with Jesus? Who did Jesus’ mother Mary and father Joseph pay their tithes too? What about Paul the apostle of Christ, who wrote most of the New Testament epistles who suffered tremendously, who did Paul pay his tithes too? Leave it to our modern day false teachers on tithing, Paul would be under a biiig curse for robbing God because he was not a tither and his sufferings would be the direct result of “the curse” the false teachers claim you will incur if you do not bring your money into the ‘storehouse.’ This is their hustle….pay up or be cursed!

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Nadia February 23, 2020 - 11:38 pm

Hi Sr Sharon. I just want to let you know what happened to me and my husband. We were supposed to go to Ap John Chi Ark of God Ministries and we didnt. We were scammed by Ap John Chi. He was the master mind behind all the scamming. He scams the majority of internationals and all requests. It happened to me and i was also told by others that thats what he does. Thats why Prophet T.b jushua in Nigeria sacked in 2013 because he was stealing money in the church. And till this day he is using T.b Joshuas name and calling him his daddy and mentor in order to get more crowds into his church in order to get and scam more money from people. He is misusing Gods anointing to make and scam money. AP JOHN CHI HAS SCAMMED US OVER $17000 AUSTRALIAN $$$$$$ without having our injections. He uses a world remit transfer on the internet.LOOK UP PROPHET T.B JOSHUAS SERMON AS HE HAD TO GET RID OF HIM AND T.b said HE DOESNT KNOW HIS FATHER SO HE SHOULD NOT BE PRAYING. PLEASE WARN YOUR PEOPLE IN AMERICA. HE SCAMS THE MAJORITY OF ALL INTERNATIONALS. HES DONE IT TO US. NADIA. In his youtube there are hardly any white internationals. My email address is nadiasmobilehairdressing@gmail.com

Mandy November 1, 2020 - 5:16 pm

THESE are NOT the Church- they are those who profess Christ and are of another- coming in their own name- another’s name and building but in this way- kingdoms exactly like Jesus was offered if He would bow and worship satan- God is revealing those things hidden in plain site/location and sight/revelation whom the TRUE having been birthed by Holy spirit which was the Spirit of Jesus and is of the Christ who too had a name change- the Church stands ALONE with Her Saviour as Jesus did with His Father- God and ALL of those whom God called thru Him! ❤?❤

Cornelius January 28, 2023 - 4:15 pm

Sr Sharon thanks for the good work of teaching us to know the truth about church wolves who teach tithes.iam now swear of them


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