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Timeless nuggets in “Walking in God’s Favour”

by Church Times

 There are perhaps a thousand and one books on Favour. But Walking in God’s Favour written by Pastor Olayinka Dada comes with a refreshing impetus.

 From the cover of the book down to the last line; the book emits lively nuggets. It takes the reader through the practical dimensions of God’s favour in an intelligible way.

 The beautiful cover design is the first touch point. It’s simply irresistible. And then the seamless flow of the content.  The asymmetric arrangement of the various sections and chapters makes the book an easy read.

But the strength of the book lies more in the content and the revelation that accompanies every thought in it. The author makes it clear from the beginning that the book is not just to excite the reader, but to deliver into the hands of the reader tools that can be used to walk in God’s favour. It is a book that holds the hand of the reader and guides the reader through the essentials of walking in favour with God.

The book is divided into four sections with sub-chapters that run through 241 pages. It has a cumulative 13 chapters. The first section explores the definition of favour under the heading: Favour Defined. The second section dwells on the advantage of walking in favour under the heading: Favour Advantage.

 In the third section, the author explores what qualifies one for favour under the heading, Favour Qualifier while the fourth section gives insight into signposts of favour. This is treated under the heading, The hand of Favour.

 Chapter One treats the source of favour. Here the author establishes that God is the only one that can favour man, without any attendant baggage.

 He notes, “If your journey will end in victory or victory loss, is contingent upon your source- that is who or what you have favour with. It is the source you lay claim to that will serve as your determining factor. Your source is your determining factor because it is your establishing factor”

 Chapter two of the book talks about grace and its implication for the believer. The author explores the critical details of grace. He gives the reader an in-depth understanding.

 He establishes that “The grace of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ  helps us get things done despite our deficiencies.”  The chapter also emphasises the need for the believer to belong to a local assembly from where such believer can draw strength and fellowship.

 Chapter three is on mercy. Here the author gives us a rare understanding of the word mercy with practical examples of how God showed mercy to His people in Bible days.

 He writes, “Mercy triumphs over judgment. It breaks the guilt of sin. It removes misery. There are some things we have done that have brought calamity into our lives and we ask ourselves how we got there. Such misery is removed with  God’s mercy”

 The title of chapter four is Peace. But here the author uses a Bible Character called Mephiboseth to explore the perspective of peace that comes to a man when he encounters God’s favour. He emphasises that only the God of peace can give favour that brings peace of mind.

 The second section of the book captures how favour transforms lives. Here the author shares examples of Bible characters that excelled because they experienced God’s favour. There are four chapters in the section just like the first section. The topics explored are: Why walk in God’s favour, preservation and restoration. The section also explores preference and leadership.

 The thrust of this section is to expose the reader to practical examples of how people experienced favour in Bible times and how the principles they used could be used in today’s world.

 In the third section, the book talks about what qualifies a man for God’s favour. This is perhaps the most strategic section of the book because it dwells on practical issues of responsibility from the person who wants to receive God’s favour. This subject is treated under four sub-headings:  The trust of God, guided men, faithful men and grateful men.

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 The fourth and concluding section of the book titled the hand of favour is also quite strategic. Here the author delivers practical tools into the hands of the reader on how to elicit God’s favour.  

 He notes that “There are postures we can take both naturally and spiritually to provoke the hand of favour to move in our direction. Likewise, there are those we can take that serve as a barricade against the flow of favour that would otherwise stream in our direction.”

 How does one know these postures? For his link: to get a copy of the book so you could explore the postures identified by the author in procuring God’s kind of favour.

 In all, the book is a refreshing addition to the body of knowledge on how to walk in the favour of God. It is written in down-to-earth English devoid of grammatical blunders.

 The editing is to a large extent very tight. The author who is  He is a regional pastor and Assistant Continental Overseer in the Redeemed Christian Church of God, The Americas Continent and also a medical doctor uses fitting words to pass across his message.



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